(A) The Fifth Legion LFM raiders

We are looking for a few more raiders to get started with our 10 man raids, we need a pally healer, any other healer with dps offspec and 2 more ranged 2 dps Mage would be nice just whisper Dontez in game if you are interested. www.thefifthlegion.guildlaunch.com.
We do not have set days and are still setting up the team.
Hi - good luck with your recruitment, it's hard to find dedicated raiders nowadays on Alliance side in my experience. In case you need to pug a healer, I'm happy to help out on this toon or on my shaman, Vuelta. My guild has a hard time forming a decent 10man group, but we're getting there :-) anyway, at least 1 of my toons should be available to pug (after 7pm PST).
Yes it is definitely harder to find the people nowadays, but we have a few that are all ready to go, and we will definitely keep in touch with you:).
Hey ya'll, we are in need of a healer to get the raid group going. Would prefer a holy pally, hit me up in game if you are interested. We just want to have some fun and down the content.

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