Ele Sham LF 10/25man Guild

Looking to get back into raiding after taking a break towards the end of cataclysm.I go by PST and have a very flexible schedule.

Current ILv: 477

Send me an in-game mail or reply if interested in recruiting me.
We are looking for an ele whammy with a resto off spec, we raid 730est-1100. I know you said you go by pst, but didn't mention any times. If this isn't too early for you, lemme know.
<The Covenant> is a 25-player guild seeking quality applicants to round out our raid roster. Apply at thecovguild.dkpsystem.com

About us
Server: Zul'jin (PvE)
Time zone: EST
Raid times: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. 7:50pm form group, raid from 8-11:30 EST (7-10:30 CST)
History: Guild has been around for 6 plus years under the same leadership.
Personality: Raid leaders are adults, over 30yo. Most of the guild is in their 20s/30s. We have quite a few members with military backgrounds (or futures), we have quite a few women too. We don’t nerd-rage, we’re friendly, but we expect preparation and focus.

We are a little behind in progression compared to our past raiding experiences and it is all attendance based issues. Once our raid roster is filled with dedicated players that can make 90% - 100% of all raid times we will progress like we always have in the past which includes kills on all bosses in normal and hard modes.

We're currently 13/16N including elite mode on protectors.


We are currently searching for any Ranged DPS and Healers that are interested in joining the guild for a possible core raid spot if everything fits right!

We are always willing to look at quality applicants of ANY class/role in addition to the specific classes mentioned above. If you’re a strong player, we WILL find a spot for you.

Our expectations from you:
- a World of Logs parse in your application, preferably post-MoP, but if that’s not possible, just give us something, or get a hold of any of the names below to make a parsing.
- 90%+ attendance.
- be online and in the raid at 7:50pm EST.
- be knowledgeable of encounter mechanics prior to raid time.
- have a stable connection, a reliable computer, and a working microphone.
- max out your professions, enchants, gems and consumables.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Zantheren, Rua, Dentt, or Oswaygo on Zul'jin or apply at http://thecovguild.dkpsystems.com or contact Oswaygo via email at tbell92490@gmail.com
"Vae Victae" : (lvl25) -Zul'jin (H)
Night Raiding 10:15-1am CST / 11:15-2am Server Time.
Tues, Wens, Thurs, and Sunday.

What we offer:

-A spot for raids
-An Enduring Alliance
-A friendly core
-The ability to integrate quickly as if you've always been here.

Contact Info

Battle.net ID: jsumner#1686
Officers: Greyjoy, Thehrmit, Iceis, Jezable
Recruitment: Griffus

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