I need help ASAP please !!!

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So I am being sent out on a roadtrip for work. It will start next week and last through feb 1st. I will be doing outside sales.

My question is this. There are many providers of wireless broadband. Most come with a usb dongle that gets you internet. What is the minimum connection speed requirement to be able to play wow effificently while I am out on the road? I need to find one of these ASAP, as I had stated I leave next week !! I was thinking maybe one of the prepaid ones, since I will only be gone 2 months.

help me please !!!
Google says not much. You should be able to play with just about any regular DSL connection.
Cablevision once took 12 (!) days to fix my internet (bad windstorm caused some damage to the cable box outside) so I had to use my cell phone for awhile. I lived out of town so it was in a 2G area. You can play WoW on a 2G connection... IF it's stable. (By 2G I mean CDMA or whatever. I know it's not actually called "2G".) Stablility from my experience is far more important than sheer speed, and wireless data connections can sometimes be unreliable. If your conneciton stabilizes then you'll get settle in at 800-1200 latency but you'll be able to do dailies & such. Instances should be ok if you're just dps'ing, but overall it will probably get on your nerves. If it's 3G then you're golden...just don't raid.

But the stability....good lord that was absolute hell. You can acclimate yourself to 1000 lag if it's a stable 1000...but if it's jumping from 400 to 4000 and randomly DC'ing you? Yeah that's bad. TBQH after a few days of crappy cellphone internet, I started wishing I had a landline at my home so I could dig out an old 56k dial-up modem & use that instead... (Wishing for dial-up in 2011...lulz)
Ya, no raiding here. I just got back to wow after a long needed break and am looking to quest/level maybe some instances and what not. Nothing too exciting, at least during that 2 months. Granted im not gonna have TONS of time to play since I am supposed to be "working", planning my trip, gathering leads etc. But the hour a night or whatever I have I would still like to be able to rail out some quests. Hopefully have this toon 90 before I get back home and can sink my teeth into some actual content.

so basically anything 3g-4g or better should work?
I would worry more about the existence of local service than I would about the level of performance.
Local service shouldn't be an issue. If you are from the US you would understand:

Austin TX, ST Louis MO, Chicago IL, Detroit MI.....I am heading to basically all big cities, where you would expect has some kind of service. At least a tower or two ><
Not knowing the cities, it wasn't for me to say, but there's still some without coverage from a given provider.

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