Holy vs Disc Healing RBGs

I've noticed I have had more success healing RBGs as Holy vs Disc. I'm Finding that the AOE and multiple instant heals Holy can dish out has been awsome for rbgs. I can essentially keep the entire group up while the other two healers can prioritize focus heals. The only real probelms I've faced being mana/cc issues while trying to keep flag carrier up for lenghty battles. Currently running rbgs between 1550-1650. Has anyone tried Holy vs Disc at higher RBGs ratings ?
Currently 2079 RBG. It's extremely rare for Holy to be at high ratings I believe there are 8 Hpriest, 85 Spriest, and 20 Disc on the top 2400+ world ratings. Holy I have to say is incredibly fun in RBGs right now, but mana is definitely an issue. Tips- stay well in back for major fights because even fully geared we are WAY too squishy atm. I Fade/Spectral Guise most of the time to get out of combat to drink faster. Holy Priest should always be on offense, never be the one to stay with the tank alone. You should probably check gems, Turbid is great and I think I may be switching to that 160 Spirit/160 Resil could help a bit with mana regen. :)
It’s absolutely mandatory to stay at the back of the mob as Holy. It makes peels that much easier and It also allows me to pull friendly targets out of o!@#$ situations (extremely useful at stopping enemy burst). I haven’t tried spirit gems yet I’ve preferred the 160PVPP/ 160Resil. Once teh initial burst is over I haven’t had to many problems popping out for a few seconds to get mana back. How much spirit should I be looking for for RBGS?
I honestly take as much spirit as I can get, I hate breaking off to drink all the time but that's personal preference. I reforged majority of my gear, crit to spirit. My combat regen is 10,749 which tends to work out a lot better compared to when I was around 5-6k difference is amazing.
I would absolutely love to get into a stable RBG group. Every pug RBG group I've been in (while on offence) I was top heals by quite a margin, even while getting instantly focused down by the other team; But alas, RBG groups for me, even at low MMR are few and far between because I get shot-down by about 3/4s of the time (slight exaggeration but the point remains) with snide remarks about holy.
Yes, I'm aware that low MMR RBGs mean diddly-squat, just wishful thinking of what could be. *-*

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