Raiding with Leashes

Pet Battles

I am trying to complete this achievement. I am hoping some people might have some of the pets I am missing to loan me. I have a few to reciprocate with.

I am not looking to permanently trade any of the pets. Instead, I want to trade them, learn them for the achieve, then crate them and trade them back.

I need to borrow:
Anubisath Idol

I can loan out:
Mini Mindslayer
Corefire Imp
Ashstone Core
Harbinger of Flame

My battletag is MissHerra#1611

still around? I added you!
Just getting home from work. I'll accept your battletag once I log on. :-D
Edited orignal post with what I'm looking for. I just need Anubisath Idol to finish this achievement.

I can help later today if you're wanting Mr. Biggs.
I got what you need.
Wonderful! I'll be online tonight, after work.
Would you be willing to loan me the Chrominius ? I don't have an Anubasinth idol, but I would trade you whatever few spares I might have.

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