Opinion on what I should valor upgrade

So I've run out of valor purchases for the moment. I could buy the resto helm, but it's inferior to the one that drops from Feng, so I think that would be a waste. So that leaves upgrades.

I was thinking of upgrading my LFR Sha weapon. My guild is 5/6 MV so I don't think the non-LFR sha weapon will be coming anytime soon. Plus I would be unlikely to replace the weapon once I get the Sha gem in there (only 3 wisdom away).

On the other hand, my tier gloves/legs have the highest ilvl. But, neither have optimal itemization. The gloves have spirit and haste, but I don't need that much haste. The legs have no spirit and they have crit, lol. Terrible.

Should I upgrade my Sha weapon? What do you guys think?
I upgraded mine and I'm loving it. Then again, my guild doesn't even have a full raid team yet, so I'm definitely not seeing my normal weapon soon <_<
If you can't afford 10k for a new gem, then don't bother upgrading. Keep that same mentality. Personally, I wouldn't; however you may opt to upgrade your weapon if you know you'll be using it for...lets say...another couple of months.

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