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The raid group for our 10 man is rebuilding after a server transfer and needs a few talented players to round off our group as we begin raiding again. We are a casual 10 man guild that expects to develop into strong clears with people that have fun and enjoy raiding, dont want the grinding and pressure of a top end guild, but can carry their own weight in a low pressure environment. Raid leaders with heroic progression experience in varying degrees. Raid times are 8:45pm-11:45pm server Tues/Thurs.

As of this moment we are actively recruiting a MS tank and MS healer (pref shammy) with dps OS for 2 heal fights. Also taking general applications for all rolls atm as were looking to slightly bolster our ranks. Any applications will be considered.

If interested please post here or mail Mutagen or Arathius in game and we will talk with you.
Good luck rebuilding!
Thanks :) just starting to get enough people in for normals. Some fairly undergeared people so its going slow but any kills at all are good :D Back on topic. Still need listed roles and I will update this as needed for anyone interested.

Wanted to drop you a quick note regarding your post. A friend and I are just getting back into WoW after an extended break (quit after first tier of Cata). We have Heroic Raiding experience with guilds that used to raid 3-4 times a week for 4-5 hours at a time. We are currently looking for a raiding guild that raids twice a week, preferrably 8:30-9:00p to whenever.

If you want to chat more give me a shout in game, Battle.Net ID = Denimpants12@yahoo.com. We have numerous characters available and are extremely proficient and knowledgeable with each. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sorry Ive not been on much with the holidays and all. I can message you in game and chat a bit more. Also in case those interested didnt see in the edited first post, we have tentatively filled positions for our main group and arent actively recruiting as of now. If people are still interested we can talk about it, but primary raid group positions look to be filled. As previously stated, Ill keep this updated with any recruitment needs as needed. GL with raiding and happy holidays to all.
Bump for recruitment updates. See top post.
Bump for recruitment updates. See OP
Hai good sir. Do you have time to talk about our Good Lord Saurfang?
Well since no one in my guild seems to remember that forums exist... ahem. bump

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