Survivability Ability Idea for FDKs

Death Knight
It's pretty obvious that Death Knights are hurting quite a bit in the Defensives department especially against physical damage. I have been doing some nerdstorming lately trying to come up a cool, non-OP ability to alleviate the issue a little bit and I think I may have come up with something good.

I play Feral Druid in PvP a lot and one thing I noticed Death Knights are lacking is an ability that makes me and other melees want to switch off a Death Knight. Warriors for example have Shield Wall, Ferals have Survival Instincts and sometimes Dispersion and Divine Shield, Rets have Divine Shield and HoP, Mages have Ice Block, the list goes on. Almost every single class in the game for the exception of maybe Shamans and Boomkins have something to make melee attackers want to switch off to a different target.

So, here goes.

Embrace of Death
Whenever you fall below 35% health, you prepare yourself to join death once more. For the next 15 seconds, direct physical damage will cause you to gain Numbness. Effect ends if 5 seconds elapse without any incoming physical damage. This ability cannot trigger more than once per 60 seconds.

Reduces damage taken by 5%, stacking up to 5 times. Upon reaching a fifth application you become one with death, granting you immunity to all effects which cause loss of control for 10 seconds and allowing the use of Death Coil on yourself.

This alone is probably not enough to save Death Knights still, but paired with Icebound Fortitude, it will surely make melee want to put pressure somewhere else.

Obviously all the numbers, such are duration times and damage reduction percentages, are on there just so you get an idea. If you think it's too overpowered or underpowered then suggest ways of tweaking it. Anyway, there it is, am ready for the incoming flame xD.
It is good in theory, but the biggest problem is the burst potential of most classes. What I would like to see is a change to purgatory making it activate at 35% or a lower %. This will make people switch from us because it would be basically be paladin bubble just a little more powerful. To make it even better we recieve a weakened soul debuff causing some sort of thing to balance it. You can't tell me going to purgatory does not weaken you in some way lol.

Another good thing would be to see boneshield added in and a full change to our 2nd tier talents. Removing Chillblains and Death's Advance and making them baseline for Frost/Unholy (meaning the frost gets chillblains and unholy gets Death's Advance) and adding a third new talent such as the one you suggested above. We need a talent tree just for survival as it will make death knights even more unique from player to player. I may prefer to have Purgatory while another DK prefers Bone Shield. I really hate that they are trying to make everyone have a unique play style while still forcing death knights to use cookie cutter builds :/.
1. The cds on our icebound and strangulate needs to be lowered.
2. Strangulate needs to lose the rune requirement.
3. Remorseless Winter needs to not stack but have an instant effect and limit it to 5 targets.
4. We need a baseline stun or sprint.
GUYS! I figured it out! We've all been doing it wrong. Blizzard gave us this awesome passive defensive ability! On a Pale Horse! We're not supposed to get off our mounts. Well don't I feel silly.
Honestly, a lot of problems would be fixed by a few simple solutions. They are as follows:

1) Icebound Fortitude needs a MASSIVE buff. The cost should be removed entirely, and its cooldown should be reduced to a minute. If this change occurs, Sanguine Fortitude should be turned into a glyph, increasing the damage reduction to 50% but restoring the cooldown to 3 min.

2) Bone shield should be baseline for all specs. It should also shorten silence OR disarm durations, not both, and should cost a blood rune. Blood DK's would get a passive that removes the rune cost.

3) Necrotic Strike should go back to only costing an unholy rune instead of a death rune.

4) If Anti-Magic Shell doesn't prevent CC, it should.

Implementations of one or more of these changes would go a long way to improve death knight's survivability. If they do decide to give Death Knights a new ability entirely, I have one that might do the trick.


At least 30 Runic Power (up to a maximum of 100)

5 min Cooldown

You consume all stored Runic Power, becoming an unstoppable force for 10 sec. While active, you are immune to movement impairing effects, effects which cause loss of control of your character, and physical damage taken is reduced by 30%. Lasts an additional 2 sec for every 10 runic power beyond 30 consumed. This ability cannot be activated while Icebound Fortitude or Anti-Magic Shell are active. Cannot activate Icebound Fortitude or Anti-Magic Shell while this is active.

Every true Deathknight fights all enemies mounted. That fixes our mobility issue.
Glad for this seasons armor set though. We get stomped like mad, but no other
class has ever looked so cool doing it.
For how often non-Blood DK survivability is brought up, (in arenas) I'd really like to think it's at least on their radar. Blizzard? Please? Tell me it's at least written on a napkin somewhere. :(
Blizz took those suggestions and posted them on the refrigerator for everyone to see :)
We dont have any cd's ..... every class has some kind of stun/fear /silence/whatever every 30-45 seconds, so we have no cc's and all our cd's are on long cd's, strang 2mins, ibf 3mins, whats ghoul stun ? 1min? We cant cc, other than slows/roots but that takes away dmg and we dont have any good defensive cd's. We basically are walking targets. Blizzard has basically given every class tons of options with spells and cd's and left dks the same if not worse off than before.

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