Herald of the Titan run

Hi, I am looking for others who would like to get the achievement Herald of the titans

I have already done it on a different account back in Wrath and now I am re-doing it on this account starting from scratch.

Basically I am looking for people with 2 specific attributes:

1- Good at raiding
2- Commitment to gear up.

As the fight is no longer on a 1 hour/week timer, the achievement itself will be much easier to get.

The hardest(longest) part will be to grind the required gear.

The fight itself is a raid fight, so that is why we need people that understand the class they want to use and who can pull out good DPS and Healing. If you are not a raider, forget about this.

As for the gear, you will need to get a new character up to lvl 80 and lock the experience gain at that point, then farm a specific set of gear. If you are willing to put a month into that, assuming you are starting from scratch, then I will give you the instruction on how to quickly gear yourself for the encounter.

Message me either in-game or here. My in-game name is : patsolid
i have a shaman that i need to gear i would like to do this on.
send me your real id at my email so we can talk about this ingame:



there, I just saved you a ton of hours looking for rando people.

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