Arms warrior/holy pally 2s LF advice please

Hi, im at about 1500 in 2s with a holy pally as my partner. We tend to win against most double damage teams, Arms-BM hunter is no biggy for us usually. Healer/DPS is a very different story. I usually pick a kill target and pop my burst macro and take someone down to about 20% before a deterrence/ice block/bubble. Every battle with healer/dps seems to last 20+ minutes EVERY MATCH. We try to coordinate pally blind,stun, repent, interrupts with my interrupts, fear, stuns but we still struggle to take down a healer or dps, most matches we just leave because healers never run out of mana. Any advice to help me beat this teams would be much appreciated! Im also struggling VERY much with beating mistweaver monks, i cant charge them without their 2 seconds of immunity.
While I'm not a great warrior by any means, I have been doing a ton of 2s with a holy paladin partner (and occasionally rdruid/mistweaver monk) so I've encountered a lot of the same issues.

The fact is you will not be able to run any healer out of mana, except maybe a disc priest or mistweaver and it is very easy to run away and drink in a 2s game.

Versus most healer teams we try to keep the healer cc'd and just blow up the dps, but obviously each game is different. If someone is obviously undergeared blow them up regardless of spec/class.

Mistweavers should pose less of a problem than any of the other healers as they are VERY susceptible to cc. Have your pally hoj > repentance > blind then you fear. This is a very, very nasty cc chain which, when combined with your burst macro, should allow you to get a kill.

Disc priest just sit on them. They'll go OOM or they will die. Honestly I haven't lost to a disc priest team yet, even incredibly well played ones.

Resto druids are more annoying than they are difficult. The trick is to get them to pop tree form BEFORE you burst. Hard swap to the druid after he tree forms, blow your one shot macro and it is usually GG. It is particularly easier if you manage to get him to displace beast before, but your mobility should be plentiful to stay on target.

Easily the two hardest healers to deal with are resto shaman and holy pallies. I usually just train the resto shaman and try to burst him down. There really is not any more finesse to it than blow everything and hope you gib him. It is really hard to get a cc chain going on a rsham as warr/hpally because he can tremor your fear, shear/ground repentance and of course trinket any stuns.

Holy pallies I usually try to cc and kill their partner, unless they are extremely undergeared or just terrible at the class. Any holy paladin with a brain will not die 1v1 to a warrior. All it takes is a pillar and hand of freedom spam and you will never do any damage to them.

This was a lot longer than I intended. I'll end it by saying this is not a 100% accurate "guide," but really just what I have personally experienced in a lot of 2v2 as a 1700 hero.
thank you very very much I appreciate the time you took to write that much, im sure it will help me and my partner in 2s
Was top 40 in 2s playing warrior/priest last season in 2s, it plays about the same.

First off, pick up double time instead of juggernaut. It makes it easier to focus charge a healer a healer or stop a cc/heal and instantly get back on the target without using leap, which may be your only gap closer in some situations. Beyond that your 2 charges are essentially 2 more interupts out of a stun, this is pretty huge vs holy palis who still require some casting during your cds.

Even with the amazing CC palis have, make sure you are swapping a lot. As in, never chase if you don't have to and don't tunnel if you aren't getting a kill. Having 2 targets that need to get healed opens opportunities and rng in your favor and its very important that you are always doing what warriors do best, damage. In wrath, warriors were tough to deal with in 2s because MS. They got MS up on 2 targets and now all of sudden healing gets a lil tough. Though MS isn't what it was, the concept is still the same. Also swapping can back the healer up. I always try to swap if earth shield is on the target, but you can also swap to avoid a bubble, sacred shield, or a 3 stack of life bloom. Pay attention to buffs. When fighting against disc, take note of weakened soul before you start popping cds. Wait for a priests shield to fall off and then stun right before weakened soul comes off. That gives you maximum up time with no shield and also stops them from having a shield while in the stun.

Same goes for life bloom. See 3 life blooms on a dps? Perfect time to swap and pop cds on the druid assuming trinket is out of the way. You don't have to wait tree form. Your stun + your palis stun can lock that druid down for a healthy 5-6 seconds. Make sure your pali cc'ed the dps with a blinding lite or repentance and helps you to kill the druid. Even if the palidan only does 30-40k... its a lot. Imagine getting a free 30-40k more damage in your burst, would be game breaking right? So make sure your top off and not in danger so your healer can help. Even better if they can invest wings. I can easily do 60-80k damage with cds up in 5-6 seconds.

And again, same goes for earth shield. Even if you aren't ooming the shaman, you will still be backing him up on heals and he has to spend one more global to swap earth shield. Same again for sacred shield.

Stagger your cooldowns if you aren't getting a kill with everything up. You might find that you can pull a defensive cd or trinket just using reck + banner. Well, now you still have avatar and trinket to dispense some more damage outside of cds. Lots of classes have small defensive abilties up every 1-2 minutes. If you spread your damage cds out, you might be able to catch them off guard.

Make sure your paladin is being very clear to cc with their cc when you swap. They need to pay attention to your bleeds to get a clean cc off. Think of it like this, lets say you are on the druid and paladin is getting a nice cc chain on the dps. You swap to the dps when they have no hots and paladin instantly start to cc the druid. Now the dps not only has no hots, but the also have their healer sitting in a CC, boom, iron bark will instantly come out.

More advanced stuff would be working with your positioning. If you ever find yourself having trouble staying on a target, maybe you need your healer out in the open, other times your healer may need to hug a wall. If your healer is having issues getting a solid cc chain because their healer is pillar humping, pull their dps out if they are on you so you can pull their healer with you. As soon as they are out, swap to the healer for a quick stun so they are left in the open to eat a cc from your paladin. If they are on your pali, same applies, make sure your healer is constantly trying to pull the dps away from their healer. This forces the other healer to either commit to your pillar, or waste mana trying to keep their ill position partner up. It will also open up the chance for a quick global if you get them to sub 60%

Lastly, all that said, don't be afraid to go ham. There is a lot of RNG in the game right now. say the target is sitting healthy at 70%, but no trinket. Thats kill range if you have all your cds up with a stun. I often double my offensive cds with die by the sword to possibly prevent a stun or disarm while i'm enjoying the liver of said, dead healer.

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