Survey: What is your best Furocious Bite?

Trying to decide if I want to use this. Under best case conditions ( all bonus damage CDs used ) what are the best numbers you are getting?
I've gotten like 60k...the only time I use it is if they're below 25% and I already have Savage Roar and my Rip up.

Just to note, my Ravages during Incarnation go for about 70k each.
Pawkets did a 240k FB on Feng in the log linked below (I dint spend much time looking but hey GOGO Pawkets!).

[01:05:11.791] Pawkets Ferocious Bite Feng the Accursed *240280*
My best ferocious bite?

The one under 25% that refreshed my rip.... >_<

Seriously though, I think I've seen between 160-180k once or twice on normal fights (When critting with trinkets active). Against the one enemy back in FL Dailies who took extra damage I hit him for about 1.4mil or so...

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