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What are you using? PVP/PVE wise. All I can say is, if Spriest is this good at endgame PVP, I can't see me playing any other class.

It is good in PVP. Shadowed Unit Frames addon has some good options and I think OmniCC might as well.
OmniCC is pretty awesome.
I'm an addon junkie plain and simple. I LOVE tons of personalization to my addons but also good functionality.

What you use all depends on how much flexibility and how much configuration you want do to get that flexibility.

Highest Flex and Configuration:
#1 Raven (beautiful looking addon) *personal fav*
#2 Fortexorcist *dont like much*
#3 Dotimer *2nd fav*
#4 Spellreminder *close 3rd would win 2nd if I could do icons only*

Little to No Config Necessary:
#1 Platebuffs *buffs/debuffs/CC/Important CD's on nameplates* (for PvP its almost a must anyway)
#2 TidyPlates *works for dots right out of the box iirc and its VERY handy since blizz nameplates are fugly
#3 MFClip *works as a castbar, MFClip warning and dot timer*
#4 <insert generic SPriest/lock addon>

For Dots I personally use Platebuffs for my plates/ target dots and Raven for tracking my multi targets and personal CD's.

Other addons I cant live w/o:

Tidy Plates Nameplate addon *filters out snakes, hides totems you blacklist, can also do your DoT's
(I use Tidy Plates - threatplates I did some configuring to have neon theme with TP's extra functionality)

Aloft (alternate to Tidyplates EXTREMELY configuable but a little more than most need)
Bartender4 or Dominos
Gladius/ Gladius-ex (horizontal layout instead of vert)
LoseControl(get previous one it gets rid of new red bars)
Gnosis (castbars of awesome made by Raven and MFClip guy iirc)

Hope that helps I know its exhaustive but... I hate Blizzards stock UI its so... limiting and uninformative.
Surrenity, you missed EventHorizon
I use Nug Running for my Paladin and my Priest.
Thx much, some I have as: OmniCC, WeakAuras, and Miks, but alot are new to me. I'll have to look them up. Namely Raven

I use three for dots and icd's

Forteexorcist: the customizability of that addon is just ridiculous.
Weak auras for trinkets

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