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Anyonee else get kicked and then when you log on to your main , or the same character... and are told another character with that name alreadt exists. now this is not a new character but a level 90.... this is ignorant.
Wait 5 minutes for wow to auto log out, before coming back in.
12/05/2012 03:24 PMPosted by Reganhowdy
this is ignorant.

Please don't overreact.

Its simply the fact that the server hasn't registered you disconnecting yet. Even though YOU are disconnected, your character is still logged in.

It's nothing new. Its happened since day 1.

There's no conspiracy.
When you get D/C'd or your computer crashes, your character is actually still logged as it wasn't properly logged out.

Whenever you try to log into a character, your client looks to see if that character is logged in somewhere else, as well as check for duplicate characters, etc. to ensure that the login process doesn't cause bigger issues like server crashes and the like.

Because your character didn't properly log out, the client throws up an error saying that character already exists to prevent duplicate characters.

Sure, it's you. Sure, it's the same character. But until your character times out from the D/C or crash, you are prevented from logging in.

If that little bit of code that checks for duplicate characters wasn't there, someone could purposely not log out of a character and log into it enough times (hundreds, thousands, etc) to cause the servers to crash.

It's actually a very old bit of code that I've even seen in older games like MUDs. It's to protect the stability of the server.

While it is a very small inconvenience, it prevents a MUCH larger inconvenience.

The main issue you may want to figure out is what is causing you to D/C or your computer to crash so often that this has become an inconvenience.
(Death Knight? I'd figure Pazuzu would be a warlock.)

Bear in mind that this also exists because some people try to be shady with what they do -- force-closing before dying, for instance, or trying to log in and out quickly to "trick" the system.
When you get suddenly kicked off the server (disconnected), it can take a few minutes for the server to recognize that you are no longer there. Then it will autolog your character out.

Until the server does that, your character is still active on the server and when you try to log in that same character shortly after, you get that message.

Just wait a few minutes and try again.

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