[A] News Team Assemble 10 man - LF Mage

We are always recruiting talented and active players to join our guild

10 man Alliance (Level 25) guild
Server: Sargeras
Raid 3 days per week
Raid times: 10:00pm- 12:30am CST Tues/Wed/Mon
Contact (via realid) RWARthorn#1225

As of 02/13/2013 News Team Assemble is currently interested in recruiting the following class/spec/roles for our 10M Raid Core although all skilled players interested in joining are welcome:

Mage /// Rotation DPS based on encounter

About the guild:

News Team Assemble (a splinter guild from what was once known as Mercenaries of Mayhem) is currently undergoing a transformation after losing many of our core raiders to retirement when we as a group decided to not take part in Dragon Soul. While about half of our original squad remains intact and we managed to fill the rest of the spots overtime we are still looking for one more healer and skilled reserves to strengthen our roster.

Progression and raiding was a challenge for us when MoP launched, as we have found ourselves short on raiders for the first time since early Wrath. Thankfully with a solid effort of our guild we have grown to the point where that is no longer a issue.

We are confident that now that we have bodies and skilled players that we will be reaching heroics soon and are looking forward to ToT.


We have taken the time to craft our roster in such a way that we have very little loot sharing taking place. We run the traditional /roll MS>OS with priority on OS rolls going to specs we use in our raid such as the off tanks dps spec or the offspecced third healer, all of this is handled by our lootmaster.

We have run systems such as EPGP in past but we have found them to be unneeded with the personalities that make up our raid. As loot is almost never a problem.

New Raiders:

Expect to be available for each night of scheduled raiding. The guild's progression and rebuilding our once prized consistency is our biggest priority. Not showing for a raid without a good reason will ensure a short life on the raid roster. Guild repairs, flasks, and potions are all provided for our core raiders. However we encourage our raiders to contribute to maintaining the guild bank or to be mindful of how many resources they are consuming.

Vent and DBM/Bigwigs required.

General Recruitment:

Our guild as a whole prides itself on being a tight knit group of friendly, knowledgeable WoW players. We look to maintain and expand on that and are always looking for and welcome to anyone interested in experiencing that sort of now lost guild unity.
As stated before we are always interested in recruiting for general membership if you find that you hold the same ideals as we do.


Solthorn (Paladin) - GM) realid: RWARthorn#1225
Scooged (Warlock - Raid Leader) realid: Scooged#1595
Bradders (Warrior)
Zarekthemonk (Priest)
Khori (Deathknight)

If you are interested in filling the role in our core look to contact any of the above players and we can imminently set up a meet and greet/trial run.

If you are simply interested in joining our guild contact the above players to inquire about membership.

As of this point in time we do not have a guild site and until someone comes along with superb skill and motivation to make one we have little interest in contributing to the already vast pool of horrible under maintained guild sites.
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