Crusades recruiting healers for 10 mans

We are a newer guild looking to put together a solid 10 man group for raiding. We are starting late in the game but have experienced and quality players. Only thing that we ask is that you have at least a 470 ilevel score and raiding experience past or present.

We are after either a Shammy or Pally, but will consider all dedicated applicants.

We are a mature guild with most of us in our 20's. We raid Tues and Wed 8pm-11pm server time. Message either myself or Rrellikk if interested.

Thanks for looking.
I have an ilvl 481 Hpally 4/6 downed in MV 5/6 experience 1/6 in HoF. I'm able to make your raid times perfectly and am interested in being a core member of your team.

A little bit about myself. I'm 24 been playing since 2006 and I've been a healer since day one. I progressed through MC and BWL in classic on my Druid all content up to Hyjal in TBC leading my own PuG raids during that time, Wrath I was off and on did Naxx with no problem (but who didn't?) came back for ICC and lead a group to 8/12 HM continued to lead that same group into the first content of Cata where we downed the first bit of content in about 2-3 weeks until people left for RL reasons and we eventually fell apart and lost interest.

If you're still in need of a good reliable healer let me know! I'm currently at work and can contact you tonight when I get home if you're still interested.


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