Yeah I like warlocks, imo
^ bump,
If you consider yourself to be an exceptional Boomkin (read exceptional... to the point where you are compensating the loss of healthstones with your awesome damage compared to other boomkins in worldoflogs... not just those you've worked with), please feel free to contact us as well.
Also anyone who does join gets the awesome benefit of summoning liz
bump! come on exceptionally good lock or boomkin! :D
Prot pally here looking for a guild. Definitely interested in this one. Experience in all MoP raids. ilvl is 475 though. :/
^^ Bump

Still looking for that awesome dps :( I give you hug!
I'm not a lock or boomkin.
Liz will give you a hug too and you can summon.her
We are still very interested in finding a Warrior or DK tank or DPS. We have good progress with our main playerbase, and we want to extend that to a hard working player.
I prefer warlock tanks :3

^ What he said!
Still actively seeking a War or a DK Dps. Need a committed player that actually knows how to play and wants to constantly improve. Right now, we are in the top 15 raiding guilds on Hyjal, and the only thing holding us back is a 10th, a dps that can communicate, push numbers, and be reliable. With you we can take more heroics !
^ bump <3
I am a shaman and I support this message... Paid for by the the Hyjal Horde Prosperity Comity...
Up-dated needs for one of our groups!
^^ Bump!! LF dat shadow priest be my shadow buddy :D
Still seeking competent Player to down Heroics in MSV.

Really looking for Ele Shaman or Shadow Priest!

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