Bump for pushing our last two heroics in MSV tonight!
Bump for a name change and pushing to be a more progressive group/guild!
To the top!
^ bump ^
Raid tonight, still looking for that 10th. :D
Now adding a mage to our potential roster.
Still looking!
New Raid Week, New Bump!

All that poor loot getting DE'd..
I have 2 DPS spots open for Ter/HoF full Clears plus working on H Blade Lord tonight.

If you are a competent, driven and motivated player of any of the classes we are seeking, and can be on time, willing to learn and put forth the effort, we encourage you to contact myself or Élizadeath (alt + 144 for the É) in game to get involved.


SMF Warrior
Shadow Priest

Will consider others on case by case.
Yay for finding a Rogue! Still looking for a War, Spriest, or Mage though! :)
I'm sick of DEing loot!
Also, now recruiting either a Druid, Paladin, or Monk healer (pref. with an OS)!
Rolled raid times back an hour and a half (7:00pm - 10:00pm PST) and opened up what we're looking to recruit a bit more.
Still looking for:
- any exceptional healer pref. with an OS (except a Shaman)
- Hunter
- Mage
- Shadow Priest
Bump for a Mage or Spriest and a Priest, Monk, or Druid healer!
Good luck guys, They are great raiders, go join em healers!

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