[A/RP] Harbor Market, 1st Sunday Every Month

Earthen Ring
Today is the day! Come celebrate the final day of the Lunar Festival with the Harbor Market in Darnassus.
The Harbor Market is proud to participate in the Occupy: Ironforge event series for March 3rd. More info to come!
/bump! Next market will be in Stormwind in May!
The Harbor Market celebrates Children's Week in the Stormwind Harbor this Sunday, May 5th from 8 - 10 p.m. server time! Bring your orphan for fun and festivities. We promise to not sell anything the Matron will want to burn you for!
Thanks for a fantastic Harbor Market! Congrats to raffle winners Culaire & Talythe, and thanks to the vendors and Commander Alliance actors!

The Harbor Market will be back next month in Darnassus. See you all then!
Due to an abundance of RP events this weekend, the Harbor Market will be pushed back to June 9th or the 16th. Final date TBA, stay tuned!

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