Windwalker Mastery suggestion

My idea is to make mastery more of a bursy stat and more worthy of picking up.
I have 4 ideas.

1. Mastery also increases the damage of TP and BK by x% on the procs.
2. Allow the mastery procs to stack up to 3
3. Mastery also resets and gives you a free rising sun kick
4. Procs are guaranteed to crit

Obviously, if any of these changes are implemented, they'll have to adjust how much mastery you get per point. I just think mastery can be a key to burst, without changing how the class plays and yet still allow pve to pick how they want to deal damage.
1. This is probably the most widely accepted idea right now.
2. No. This willd make the rotation clunky and slow and energy capping at an all time high.
3. Not sure what you mean.
4. This versus option 1 have been discussed, but it devalues crit so 1 is probably the better option to keep both haste and crit valuable.
1. Awesome
2. How? You can keep the same rotation if you wanted or stack some mastery procs for a burst phase, with 4-5 blackout kicks and a rising sun kick in a row
3. It not only gives you a free rising sun kick, it resets the cooldown so you can use it on the spot if you used it just prior to the proc popping.
4. Devaluating crit...hmm... i was just about to suggest #1 again, ,so i guess the previous 3 then, with 1 and 3 being my fav
5. Increases armor penatration effect from Tiger Palm Strike (or whatever it's called)
Yeah, i agree with advanced, on her summary. The first idea is by far the simplest solution although it is a little boring. Points two and three would both lead to energy capping, if each jab had a chance to give you one to three free attacks, it would totally devalue haste and energy as a whole. Option four isn't great either because of the devaluation of crit, and i'm pretty sure if every mastery proc was a guaranteed crit, the damage for TP and BK would have to be nerfed, or else have the mastery proc chance nerfed to compensate.

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