[A] Silence LFM!

Emerald Dream
Silence is a guild of friendly people that like to PvE, PvP, Pokemon, Hanging out and the occasional RP. Our doors are open to anyone that wants to join!

PvE/raiding? Whisper Thoradin! we are looking for 1 of atleast every slot. we especially need healers and ranged dps. Don't want to raid all the time, then be a back up!

PvP? Whisper Thoradin! We dont have any offical PvP or RBG teams, but it would be nice to get that established!

Everything else? Whisper anyone in the guild!

Remember we are looking for everything! PST
MV: 4/6 HoF: 0/6 Terrace: 0/4

Raid Times:
Tues + Wednes + Thurs
10:00pm-1:00am (server time)
invites start going out 15 mins early.

Loot rules:
MS > OS /roll for MS /roll 1 for OS
If no one rolls for MS then the OS roll against each other.
I might be interested. Loyal, friendly and fun. :D

Arcane Mage.

The silence will fall.....
[had to]

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