[Bug] Switching factions/ Jade Forest Start

Bug Report
Found: 12/5/2012
11:13 pm
Character: Harmswolf lvl 86 Pandaren Hunter
Server: Kil'Jaden

Bug: Switching factions forces you to restart the Jade forest quest line. However since I was exalted with the Jinyu faction, that carried over to the Hozen. I am unable to complete this quest line because I'm already exalted with the Hozen and thus cannot kill them. I can fix this myself by setting the option "at war" in my reputation tab with the Forest Hozen, however, the game by default should either have the quest chain complete already or removed all reputation with the Forst Hozen.

Steps to reproduce bug:
1) Starting as alliance complete the either Jade Forest line.
2) Swap factions
3) You will be given the starting quest to go to the Jade Forest when you log on after swapping factions
4) Progress through the quest line until you have to do the quest "Cryin' My Eyes Out" and you find yourself at least friendly with the hozen.
I would also like to report that I have access to the quest I stopped at before faction changing. The quest is called "Great Minds Drink Alike." Running here I was able to get every single quest in the Jade Forest area as well as the all the quest I had already complete in the Valley of the Four Winds.

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