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Okay so for the past 3 days, I've been killing him easily. But today something is diff so I want some advice.

First, let me say that this is what I've *been* doing:

(1) Eternal Strider- Pump/Eats Stun/Pump/Aqua Blast/Aqua Blast
(1) Sludge Kills Eternal Strider
(2) Amethyst Spider- Brittle Webbing/Strike/Strike/Strike Sludge is dead
(3) Amethyst Spider- Brittle Webbing against mouse/Absorb/soaks Burrow and dies
(4)Lost of Lordaeron- Curse/Shadow Strike/Shadow Strike/Shadow Strike/dies/rezzes/Curse goes off/Shadow Strike/Win

Now, for some reason today -- I am not winning anymore. I kill the mouse every time but instead of recording a win, I die and it records nothing. Battle over.

Okay so fine, they 'changed it' or 'fixed it' or whatever. I don't care.


I don't care if you rip me a new one and call me a moron and an idiot I don't care, I just want some help killing that mouse with the stable of pets I have.

I am leveling pets as fast as I can but jeeezus this Thundertard is really pissing me off.

fwiw, none of the other Spirit Tamers have given me an ounce of trouble. Just this guy and his mouse.
Its the only guy im not doing as daily... and wee... took his pet as quest reward yay !!
Wow, so much help with that reply Warla, OMG!!!! THANKS!!!!!
Fast rabbit. The 'mouse' won't touch you.
all these spirits can eat a %%%#@*#* and choke.

i was excited when people were citing a decent drop rate on spirits but NOPE

anyhow, for this guy you need luck no matter how you slice it.

the earth sprit will stun the fudge outta you: my best result has been nordrassil wisp running flash/nether ward to negate his attacks. also has to be faster than the spirit (more than 300 speed) moves are always: crystal prison(stun), rupture, stone shot til prison off cd and repeat

the ooze who is a critter (idk why) will rarely if ever miss with expunge (despite the 'moderate chance to miss' disclaimer. the wisp can get some damage in based on luck, then i dont thinkk we can physically outspeed these without buffs/debuffs but if you can find someone with beast attacks and slows (kun lai runt?) that could work. move order is expunge, his dot (creeping ooze?) and then his other attack until expunge is available.

the rat (who is a beast...)... ive had the best luck ith my nether faerie dragon and some well timed dodges. (with evanescence). the order of his attacks is stoneskin, burrow, then stone rush (the recoil attack) until sonteksin falls off, then he repeats.

a lot of the keys to this battle lie in knowing they do not stray from their set move order. and if they are cced (stun, sleep etc) they WILL take a turn to swap(always been to the next in line regardless for me). so be mindful of that and you can get some hard hits in on the swap.

the other key is luck with this fudger.

and resetting until you get the desired pet first.
Troll, I have no problem with the first two. Just the mouse. I don't have a Nether Faerie Dragon to 25 yet. So that offers me no help, sorry!
just something with evasion moves.

rabbits with burrow/dodge are perfect since they resist stone rush and can be avoiding a lot of attacks.
Tried a Grub with burrow. Tried a Civet with burrow. Nope.
12/06/2012 06:46 AMPosted by Chibipriest
Tried a Grub with burrow. Tried a Civet with burrow. Nope.

Really needs to be a critter. Do yourself a favor and level a bunny of some kind, they come in very handy in almost every pve encounter.
Rabbit is the key!!

I dodge when he burrows and burrow when I can. He hit's really hard but the rabbit can avoid a lot of it.
I used Eternal Strider/Aqua Strider for the first time yesterday on the Earth Spirit and that worked out well for me, so stick with that.

I HIGHLY recommend a pet with a Dodge. I use my Spectral Tiger Cub, who's a Magic pet with beast attacks on the sludge guy. He survives all of Sludge guy and for the Rat, she will do Rend, Leap (he burrows), Evanescence to dodge the Burrow attack and the first Stone Rush. Sometimes she will survive the second Stone Rush but if not, that's 2 Stone Rushes burned. He does I believe 3 or 4 in succession. Last pet I whip out is either my Celestial Dragon or Darkmoon Tonk (praying that the Tonk doesn't really take many Stone Rushes).

Been doing this daily every day. Sometimes it takes a little more effort, and I always try to switch it up, but for me, having my Spectral Kitty is pretty key due to her dodge (other pets with dodges obviously work well too) and she has been the only pet I haven't tried swapping out for this trainer.
Any particular Rabbit?

I've got a Tolai Hare Rare (or was it Arctic Hare? I can't recall) H/P (that means not fast) at 22 that wouldn't take long to level up.

But honestly I'll catch anything I need. What's the best Rabbit?
For anyone who likes strider may I recommend Purple Pufferfish. He is like striders on steroids. I had one for awhile now and used him for the first time the other day and was very pleasantly surprised.
What I've been doing: Rapana whelk on earth spirit (breaks out of stun cuz hes a critter, takes less damage from elemental, and his dive ability is aquatic which is powerhoused by his poison. I go into the slime guy with a bit of health, make sure I get a 25% inc dmg dot from my whelk on the slime, then use my Kun Lai Runt's beast attack to beast him down. Kun Lai runt has enough hp to survive a stone rush while putting a slow on the mouse. Then I level a 23 critter/aquatic pet with survival, dps him down, survival, and by then hes low enough that he kills himself on my survival. Pet dings to 25 in the process :D
This fight is cake. my team is

Purple Puffer
Mini Thor
and Stunted Shardhorn
Also: If you're not interested in using the trainer to level your pets then I think the grassland hopper is great.

Natural speed means he'll get in a quick attack when needed, caccoon strike to block the burrow, and heal to keep up health for stone rush, also a critter so stone rush doesn't hurt as much.
For the critter, grab a mech with a beast attack. A few wild ones were introduced in 5.1, like the bear in Winterspring and the raptor in Blade's Edge - they're pretty much going to be the hard-hard counter, given that they're resistant to the major 2 types of damage the critter throws out, and the DoT's 25% extra damage won't make up for that. Personally I just use my Lucky Quilen Cub (for trample), but it seems like any pet with a decent beast attack should be able to take it out. As long as it's not a flier. ^^

For the Earth Spirit, you want one of the snails (I use Rapana Whelking myself). The stuns don't last more than the turn they land thanks to critter racial, you take reduced damage from both attacks, and Dive hits for a buttload. Heck, thanks to taking reduced damage you could probably win off the back of the damage increasing DoT + Absorb.

For the beast, there's no hard-hard counter pets out there afaik (no critters that have mech attacks). As such, you can either go with a critter and outlast him, or go with a mech and out-burn him. I hear lots of props for fast rabbits, but personally I just use my Darkmoon Zepp - when he gets hit, he certainly gets punished, but its predictable in its moveset (meaning you can drop your decoy when it uses Burrow so you don't lose a turn), and Explosion hits it for 60% of its health, meaning you don't need to get it down far at all (just explode when you know it'll hit you and force your racial).
I know it's kind of a jerk move to say "level a pet from 1", but I really recommend leveling your Grunty. I use him all the time on beasts and he destroys them. Thundering Spirit is the easiest one for me to beat using my Flayer Youngling on the critter, Water Strider on the elemental, and Grunty on the beast. Especially since the beast uses Stone Rush, he was blowing up my Mechanical Gnome, but Grunty being a humanoid doesn't have that weakness.
fast rabbit vs ele, spider vs critter, another fast rabbit vs beast.

then collect loot.
Tarya, that's not a jerk move, that is exactly the kind of advice I'm looking for!! Thank you!

I clearly need a rare Rapana Whelk (I have a Shimmering Snail but they have a different moveset) and I had planned to get my Grunty up to 25, now he just moves way up the queue! :D

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