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Pet Battles
Elemental bosses are easy. Triple rabbit him like a pro. Triple rabbit them all!
"Where's your battle pet? Behind the rabbit?"
"It is the rabbit!"

My team is (rares)
a. beetle
b. spider
c. whatever I want to level (22-23 minimum).

beetle swarms, then is stunned by elemental, but now elemental has 2x damage and beetles flank is faster (Mine is 305 speed). Beetle kills elemental, can kill oozeling but likely to only get it to 80%. Beast finishes oozeling and 75% of rat. Last pet finishes rat.
I use XT, I pop a bomb down, start to heal, I die, come back alive but while the rat is using his buff I finish him off.
I use a snail against the Elemental. The critter racial helps with the stuns. As long as I don't have bad luck with misses, I take him out pretty easily.

The critter is not usually a problem, I like to use Magical Crawdad, but any number of pets would work.

I have had great success using a fast rabbit against the mouse. Critter is resistant to the elemental damage. Using dodge and burrow you can avoid the big hits. Also, his moves are VERY predictable. He always buffs, burrows, then does 3 of those hard slams. I can usually hit him 3 times before I take any damage. Then dodge, burrow and by the time he goes back to his buff I can usually take him down.

It's usually a one-shot for me. I've gotten 2 of the Earth spirit pets now too. Wish the others would drop!
He hits himself when he uses stone rush, so something that can survive long enough can beat it without even needing to attack. Magical Crawdad with sunny day up is just about unkillable and should be able to outlast it. I'd like to try that approach sometime.
He hits himself when he uses stone rush, so something that can survive long enough can beat it without even needing to attack. Magical Crawdad with sunny day up is just about unkillable and should be able to outlast it. I'd like to try that approach sometime.

Sorry to say but he wrecks Crawdad, was only level 23 but one dig followed by a crit slam killed him -.-. He hit's hard
Chibi: I'm having the same problem. I was killing him fine with Flayer, Oozeling, Turtle, but my turtle can no longer kill his rat. I don't have anything else to replace it so I have to powerlevel something new =|
Zeppelin on the mole. Use the barrier and missile him to death. By the time your zeppelin has to use the revive, the mouse should spend that turn buffing his shield and you should win. There are lots of *shoulds* in that sentence, actual experience may vary by user.

I use Aqua Strider, Silfang Otter and Zeppelin for that fight.
I like to use wild crimson hatchling against the obnoxious mouse. I can use lift-off to avoid big hits, but when they DO land, because they are such large hits, using my heal afterwards can heal him back up to full, if not close to it. Then you can kill'em with tail sweep.
i have noticed recently that burrow and dive do not negate another burrow or dive, its probably a bug but it is annoying. essentially he burrows first on the turn then my snail follows, he comes up first but hits me even though i should be invulnurable. this has made the mole rather annoying.
Yeah I noticed that too Nokilu -- only on him though. In wild battles it still works the normal way we are accustomed to.

Itami, I tried my Wild Crimson but he's only green. Perhaps that's the deciding factor? Alas.

I'm leveling up a S/S Arctic Hare right now, and a Flayer Youngling. Should be 25 in just a little bit. Will let y'all know.
I've been using the snail, vampiric battling, and a pet I want to level vs thundering. Snail kills elemental + half of the critter. Vamp bat finishes critter easily, vamp bat then manages to get off an attack and then absorb burrow, get off 2 more attacks bring it to around ~300 health and die. Last leveling pet (its always level 20+) can finish it with any random attack generally.
It isn't a bug, if you are burrowed then of course somebody else also underground can hit you; you are on the same plane.

A fast rabbit will destroy the rat and end with almost full hp...

Scratch, Scratch, Dodge, Scratch, Burrow - Repeat. You will dodge the burrow, two of the stone rushes and the third stone rush will be weak against you. Then just do it all again. It is just important to dodge the burrow since it is super effective against you.

No need for luck.
The rat hits like a truck no matter what I use :(

I've tried the gnome but turret always bugs out on it. Guess I need to level another rabbit

edit- Ok I finally got it. I used Snowy Owl on the thundering spirit, gnome on ooze, and rabbit on the rat
Just got it with a weird combo, but it worked with hps left over.

Alpine Hare for Sludge (opener)
Eternal Strider for Dragon
Lil XT for Mole

I also, thanks to someone in this thread - started using the bomb instead of Tympanic Tantrum. That was the key to winning it -- even though I did have to use XTs revive... a well-timed repair kept him up and the bomb went off, boom dead!

I am not sure I will do that every day, but I'll see how it goes tomorrow morning.
What I have been using is Bananas (monkey) vs the Ooze, a breed 8 rabbit vs the Elemental, and a whelk vs the mole. (It is dicey with this group especially since the dive does not work like it should to avoid the burrow. So I switched to headbutt and have gotten the occasional stun on the mole. I keep planning to check all my other rabbits and level up a speed 5 one to add to my line up.)
I have been using a bit of a unique strategy with this tamer:
Flayer, Rabbit, whatever crappy critter I want to level that has Apocolypse.

The Flayer and Rabbit are quite common but the apocolypse is the unique aspect here. Start with the flayer against the critter. Reflect his first attack and then rampage to kill him in 3 or 4 turns. Then the elemental should come out and stun the flayer his first two turns and then kill him. No biggie there. Next, bring in whatever level 20 something critter you are trying to level and use Apocolypse. Then swap in your rabbit. Use dodge and burrow obviously to avoid the stuns and slowly widdle the elemental down. Depending on RNG, he'll die with 1-4 rounds left on apocolypse. Your rabbit will be close to death but, at worst, you'll only have to swap in your roach/locust/beatle for 1 or 2 rounds against the last pet before apocolypse hits and you win.

Using this type of strat works great for this fight and is helping me level those pets that I would probably never level on my own :)
I used an

Eternal Strider (Breed 11, Speed Based)
Moves: Water Jet, Healing Wave, Pump.

Harbinger of Flame (Breed 4, Attack Based)
Moves: Burn, Immolate, Conflagrate.

Kun-Lai Runt (Breed 14, Attack Based)
Moves: Thrash, Frost Shock, Rampage.

I start off with the Eternal Strider. If I get the Oozeling, I reset.

To open, I use Pump, then they will stun->the rock move that has a chance to stun. If I get two stuns in a row, I reset.

Assuming I only get one stun, I use a heal, 2x Water Jet and then a Pump which generally kills it.

Now, the Oozeling will generally kill my Strider straight off the bat, so I use my Yeti to Frost Shock -> Rampage. If all goes according to plan, my Yeti will be alive for a few turns against the rat.

Against the rat (assuming my Yeti is alive) I will Frost Shock->Thrash. I don't expect to deal much damage before my Harbinger is sent out. Hopefully however, the rat will blow it's burrow against the Yeti since Burrow is probably the biggest threat against me.

Next up is my Harbinger. Be wary of the Burrow CD, because if you Conflag when he burrows, it's GG. Immolate, Conflag and then spam Burn. Assuming everything goes according to plan and there aren't any crits/misses that like to wipe me oh so much, you should down the rat with around ~400 HP.
the comp i use to kill it pretty easily:

flyer youngling: reflect the critter expunge and rampage it down
rapana whelk: burrow, heal, shield against the elemental
amber moth: finish off the beast, cocoon strike the big hits.
I use my rabbit on the Elemental, Dodge the first two attacks while using flurry, burrow, flurry, flurry, dead and generally get off a burrow on the slime before he dies, if the burrow doesnt miss. I then use a spider on the ooze. Web and that stampede thing and he is two shot. The spider can get off one shot on the mouse before dead then i use my Blighthawk or Pteradactyl, both have heals and both have Lift-Off to avoid an attack. Blighthawk also offers the rez if needed.

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