When our Powers Combine: AskMrSim Lite

This is just another one of my mini guides. Basically combining the functions of 2 apps, and 1 addon to provide you more accurate data to base your gear upgrade, reforges, and enchants off of. Like anything, this isn't a 100% solution. It's completely under the assumption that SimCraft stays within some degree of accuracy, and that MrRobots does their job as advertised.

Please feel free to comment if you found this helpful.

Running Simulation Craft and getting stat weights

  • Download the latest simulation craft: http://www.simulationcraft.org/
  • Run SimulationCraft.exe after extracting the file.
  • Click the Options tab
  • Click the Scaling Tab
  • Check: Strength, Attack Power, Exertise Rating, Hit Rating, Crit Rating, Haste Rating, Mastery Rating, Weapon DPS, Weapon Speed
  • Optional: Click the Plots tab, check the same boxes
  • Click the Import Tab
  • Navigate to your Armory page in the website
  • Click the Import button the Lower Right hand corner
  • Make a Sandwich, Walk the Dog, You've got a good 5 - 10 minute wait here.
  • Results page will open: Take note of your Scale Factors for Name Damage Per Second. You now have your weights for your current setup. (talents, gear, enchants.)

  • Reusing stat weights in AskMrRobot

  • goto http://www.askmrrobot.com
  • Create a free account. (for the purposes of saving settings.)
  • Import your armory
  • Click Options
  • Check "Force Hit / Expertise Cap".
  • Click "Edit Weights"
  • Copy the weights from SimulationCraft into AskMrRobot. Note: crit has a 'varies' field. I've been keeping this variable the same as the primary crit weight.
  • You can now use AskMrRobot's normal functionality based off SimulationCraft stat weights. (Rather then weights based off some unknown method of their creation.) The stat weights are saved as "Custom Weights", and can be updated at your discretion.
  • Additionally, you can follow these steps for "Reforge Lite" and provide exact weights to your stats when making use of this addon.

    When our Powers Combine....

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