With 5.1, what of East / Westwind?

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So during the quests in Kun-lai Summit there is a series of quests that lead up to the Alliance and Horde establishing two camps of Native Pandaren and both training them, and having them join with their respective factions. Now that the main armies have made landfall, and seeing as these two camps are a skip and a hop away from each other, what do you think is happening between the two places? Are they being absorbed into the main forces? (Off screen of course) Are they unwilling to fight the other camp? Or do you think there is some other activity that these camps are currently engaged in with all out war happening to the South?
That's probably being built up into something. There's already Horde in Kun-Lai Summit.
I'll say next patch. Or perhaps if Nazgrim and Taylor will use them as a personal force.
They're moving the dailies up from Krasarang into Kun-Lai.

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