Does Alliance even exist on this server?

Curious. Have a friend interesting in returning to the game and joining Alliance here on Mal'Ganis. Is the AH economy here bad for Alliance?

I know personally, I never see Alliance on this server. Should he go elsewhere?
Alliance on Mal'Ganis have been dead for years......

He should go anywhere but here.....
There is like one progression guild, one pvp guild, and one bad progression guild full of morons and children.

Its kinda fun to be on a horde dominated server if you are good at pvp, and granted, even though its 10 to 1, alliance pvp way better than horde on this server.
for world pvp, you will always get your hands full
since you ask specifically about the AH economy - according to the alliance market volume ranks 484 out of 492, while the horde are ranked 4th.

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