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I know and i agree too, ccs are so retarded in this game, like, all that fear spam and etc. but WHY THE HECK people are complaining about blinding light???

This is a 2 MINUTES COOLDOWN, not something you will just spam ftw or with a low cd, it's a disorient, any damage taken will break the effect. Dispelable and with a decent range.

So what's wrong, people complain about that, but don't talk about psyfiend, a minion that spam fear for you or all the druids cc, or the shockwave thing...

Just me or i find Paladins in the perfect state, not OP or UP, just other classes need to be toned down or be buffed. Maybe we're a little weak on RBGS, but i don't understand much about rbgs yet, so, let's talk just about arena.

If Blinding Light is OP, someone explain me that. Maybe i'm just too "dumb" to realize. T_T
people cry about everything on these forums.

you just have to ignore them.

you said other classes need to be toned down?

i just died to a paly in 10 seconds

palys damage is good too..i think the damage is more balanced then people think.
AoE instant cast CC with no cast time and no way to get out of it but trinket.

Most other forms of CC have a way to be countered by at least some classes.
Fear = Tremor/Berserker's Rage
Stun = IBF or Blink
Poly = You're healed to full, it's ok. or you can spell reflect it.
But there's nothing to get out of a disorient, and it's an AoE instant-cast.

Just my two cents, I don't personally have problem with it due to 2 minute CD, but I'm assuming that'd be the argument.
So yeah instant, unavoidable is a good place to start. Also it annoys DK's as we had a spell "Hungering Cold" which is essentially the same as Blinding Light except it had, from memory, a 2sec cast time, so it wasn't instant. Ghostcrawler stated this ability was too powerful and it was getting removed from the game. Then Pally's got a buffed version of it, go figure.

Anyway aside from the whole, it's not fun not being able to control your character, especially as I had no way to avoid it, thing, it's probably not too OP considering how Pally's are right now. Classes should have nice things as long as they don't become too powerful. Pally's certainly aren't OP, they're probably about right.
Honestly in high rated arena pally CC isn't that bad because we stop the CC. Most of the QQ on these forums is from people in the 1500 bracket that don't know how to stop CC.
Game needs less instant CC, not more.

As a mechanic Blinding Light is fine on it's own. When you realize how few other instant cast CCs it shares DR with.. it becomes retarded.

At this point I honestly think *ALL* CCs should have their DR reworked:

Dispellable CC
Undispellable CC
Instant CC
Casted CC

Each crowd control effect in the game will belong to at least two of these categories, determined by the base usage of the spell (making PS Cyclone Undispellable & Casted, for example).

Every time a CC is used, it triggers the DR for whatever groups it's placed in.

There, you can keep all your dumbfire instant cast CCs, because now they'll DR so harshly when you try to layer them that people will actually get to play their characters again.
Oh, that's where my hungering cold went. Give it back!
Because Blinding Light is an instant, aoe, 6 second disorient. Same reason people complained about Hungering Cold. Unfortunately, all the whining got it removed from DKs and given to paladins.

I'm of the opinion that Blinding Light should be a ret/prot only ability, Holy doesn't need more CCs.
I have a 90 holy pally. It's not very fun to be able to use that instant cast, uninterruptable, aoe stun IN ADDITION TO having hammer (another stun that dmg does not seem to break) AND repentance every 15 seconds. If I am being fought 1v1 I don't put any dots on you so I can repentance that often, and combined with my other abilities (such as melee range 15 sec CD spell interrupt) it's just too much. The only one of these I am actually casting is repentance and it is a very fast cast and is, again, up every 15 seconds. Combine that with, say, a hunter, who is chaining his frost traps, scatter shots, pet stun, silencing shot, whatever, it feels unnecessary.
I'm just affraid they remove it from all specs, if Holy is just the problem. Make it a Ret Only!

Or take blinding away but give me the WOTLK repetance (only for ret).

(but honestly, blinding light is so cool, i hope i don't lose it.)
Compensate me for hungering cold plz
Yeah... Blizzard stop making paladins be wannabe death knights. Stop giving them are abilities but improved. It be lame man, you hurt me bro! YOU HURT ME!

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