61% resil vs Frostbomb

How to frost mage:

1. Does healer have a trinket?

Yes - make him trinket

No - kill something
Saw a frost mage get 36 kills and 3 deaths in a random bg last night, he also did 3X the damage of the person who came second who strangely enough was a rogue.
Granted he was probably skilled and gearred but even still it really takes the fun out of it.
Did you guys see a blue post praising GC for "inventing" transmog. Ghostcrawler is Blizzard's lord and savior. He is their messiah.

Resilience is nothing more that a false sense of security right now. You get that awesome gear with those big numbers in Resilience and you feel invincible... and then you get hit with a Chaos Bolt or Frost Bomb for 198k and your confidence is crushed. Meanwhile, the developers at Blizzard are standing over your dead body laughing and taunting you for believing.
nerf healing and off spec healing /fixt

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