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If you were given the power to "reboot" one warcraft race (player or non-player), how would you? The only guidelines is that the race in question must still be true to it's original incarnation "theme" (i.e no steampunk Night Elves, Shamanistic gnomes, or Aristocratic Orcs).
The tauren would've been cliffdwellers in the mountainous regions along the barrens and the rest of kalimdor, with a few mesa settlements similar to the ones they have now. They'd also be a bit more aggressive, warring with the Quillboar and Centaur over land rather than being 'pure good' while the Centaur and Quillboar are crazy barbaric xenophobes.
Well, all the races are already derivatives of other takes on them so....

-The Night Elves would be more like typical Dark Elves. That is to say, they would have a culture of seeking self-superiority/dominance over their peers. That's where the similarity would end though. Elune would be a terrible Lolth.

-The Orcs would be more akin to the Orcs of Elder Scrolls. Still brutal and savage, but at least intelligent enough to blend in well with human societies....if they choose to do so.

-Tauren would be a bit more brutal, like their Yaungol cousins.

-Goblin's and their greed would be thought out a bit more. There would be some sort of spiritual guidance towards their belief of monetary gain. Perhaps a sincere faith in capitalism as a guiding light for prosperity.

-The main theme of Gnomes wouldn't be a joke, but rather be more about their love of community and working together to innovate. It's already a theme of theirs, but it's always cast aside for pop culture references and crazy machines.

-Draenei would show their human side a bit more, and would be making a genuine attempt at integrating with Alliance society.

-Trolls would be less lanky, and wouldn't live in huts. They would live in cave-cities and temple-cities(like Zul'Drak).

-Humans would have more of a medieval theme to them, instead of being diluted like they are now. With more emphasis placed on royal blood lines and what not(like in WCII).

-Worgen would mostly be the same, except there would be a lot of them and only in their human form when near other members of the Alliance. They would only transform into worgen when the need for battle prowess arises.

-Pandaren wouldn't all be overweight. It makes sense since they're panda men, but just because the Chinese idealization of a person is "fat" doesn't mean every single Pandaren has to be ideal. It's not like every human male IRL is idealized by looking like a body builder.
For humanity, I'd play more with the concept of royalty, noble houses, and political intrigue. Before Varian's return, i'd have focused on multiple royal houses trying to rise to power and control anduin, perhaps a few coups here and there, as well as inter-house war. All controlled by Lady Prestor of Course.

I'd also do more to illustrate the rift between poor and rich in Stormwind, perhaps turning Old town into more of a slum, have more beggars around, as well as a few riots here and there. And the Defias would be behind it all, stirring up trouble.

I'd also bring back the concept of Knights and Religion. I'd bring back the Brotherhood of the Horse and the Order of the Silver Hand, with the two seperate orders (one being state run, the other being religious) constantly competing and having a friendly rivalry going on.

Finally, I'd really bring back the religious vibe that Humanity lost. I'd have a bit more emphasis on church affairs and meddling, as well as the Clash between church and state. Also, Knights of the Silver Hand. I'd have more of them around/questing
I want to see Humans acting like Humans. Not just a single idealistic aspect of humanity, but the whole package.

I also want to see advancement in technology starting to have an effect on the rank & file soldiers.

I mean, we have airplanes, motorcycles, satellite lasers, and we're still using Sword/Shield men as our infantry? Shouldn't we have advanced to like WWI-era soldiers by now? Or at least Napoleon?
I want to see Humans acting like Humans. Not just a single idealistic aspect of humanity, but the whole package.

I also want to see advancement in technology starting to have an effect on the rank & file soldiers.

I mean, we have airplanes, motorcycles, satellite lasers, and we're still using Sword/Shield men as our infantry? Shouldn't we have advanced to like WWI-era soldiers by now? Or at least Napoleon?

...No....keep it Mediveal fantasy and I don't see anything wrong with Humans. They're fine except some aspects that just aren't there.

Worshiping the Light and Paladin lore before,...they diluted it.
I'd have the Night Elves truly be savage warriors that inspire fear in friend and foe alike. They'd be small in number compared to all the other races save the Draenei, but even the presence of a handfull of Sentinels would be felt. There'd be an air of something feral and primal to them and their society; on one hand true friends and allies, on the other almost insane enemies that scream battle songs/prayers to Elune as they paint the ground red with the blood of their enemies.

Death Knights would be dark, shadowy figures of terror and slaughter. Plants would wither and die where they tread. restless dead would rise where they loiter and crumble to dust when they leave, and footprints of black, frosted over blood would mark everywhere they stepped. People would still run in fear when one strides through a town, and some brave vendors would refuse to do business with them. Shadows would cling to their every movement and their spells would seem to have the echos of terrified, agonized screams in their wake. Everyone from a peasant to the faction leaders themselves would be openly nervous, thinking of the consequences of letting such monsters fight under their banners and friction between the Ebon Blade and the Argent Crusade would be kept in check only by the iron handed rule of those factions leaders. Going to Pandaria would draw Sha like a swarm, which would terrify even the great Monks of that land almost as much as seeing the Knights laugh as they reap the power from the spirits they consume with callous ease.
Make dwarves more similar to their more grin, bad !@# and all powerful warhammer counterparts.
Let's get into Night Elves.

First off, the Night Elves would be more wide spread AND they would be three different kingdoms.

After the War of the Ancients, they would have settled both above and underground to house their populations.

The females (and half of the playable Night Elves) would be the dominant force, in both power and numbers, and their seat of power would be The Moonglade while all males born with natural druidic potential would be sent to their brother kingdom which would essentially be the Cenarion Circle.

Now, lets focus on the player faction at the moment.

The kingdom of Darnassus, favored of the Moon Goddess, would have the males be equal in power, but they would take on the rolls traditionally held by woman as far as housework, schooling the children, ect. The majority of men would be born with naturally golden eyes, and the woman with silver. Woman would have much longer life spans, but be fairly fertile, where the males would have a much shorter lifespan. Maybe 50 years.

Children would be raised communally.

Now, here's the kicker. Men born with silver eyes would be sacrificed to Elune. Part of the ritual would be for said men to be "coupled' by multiple priestess in training as a right of passage into the Sisterhood of Elune. After the coupling, the young priestess' would then proceed with the ritual and and those men, on death, will transcend the mortal form and become wisps, immortal and ethereal.

In return for the sacrifice of the menfolk, Elune would grant Ashenvale forest eternal darkness, forever ensuring the Night Elves remain in power in Ashenvale Forest (all of it, not just the zone Ashenvale).

The area's of Ashenvale this section would control are Winterspring, half of Felwood, and northern sections of Ashenvale (the zone), and Moonglade, as well as large sections of the inside of Hyjal mountain.

Those males turned into wisps would be a vital resource to the society, using nature magics to inscribe books, show memories from the land, and be general font's of knowledge.

This would be the ONLY faction that sends off members to other kingdoms

The men (and the other half of the Night Elven playable race) with natural druidic talent would, upon arrival of the Cenarion Circle, would be evaluated by Malfurion, Cenarius, , and the other druids to determine of they have enough potential to be druids. Regardless of of the results, Cenarius would use his connection with elune to connect the men with her, expanding their time to live to be comparable to the woman. The woman of the Cenarion Circle would share a pretty similar role to human woman. Resources and knowledge would be shared between the two kingdoms.

This kingdoms center of power would be located in Teldrassil, and extend into Darkshore, Felwood, and into Ashenvale past Maestra's post. They would also have outposts in Feralas.

The Third Kingdom (and the last section of playable NE's, for Mage and Warlocks only), would be a violent and hedonistic, if ordered, place, where the Highborne never left power, and their immortal Demon King Illidan Stormrage, their salvation and the creator of the second Well of Eternity, the center of their great kingdom, ruled with a fair, if heavy, hand. The Worgen would be a result of Lord Illidan Stormrage trynig to find a way to merge Arcane and Druidic magics to produce a stronger result. Their patron god (and connection to Elune) would be Omen, the three headed dog ancient who felt the pull of Arcane and Fel Magic, and fell from Elune's graces because of his refusal to stay away from such magics, believing that those strong of will and firm of mind could bend the magics to their disposal.

Raw power and knowledge would win the day there, and it's power would be Hyjal for the life giving energies of the Well of Eternity. Not enough to grant immortality, but enough to not make them the shortest living Night Elves. Most of the underground passages in the mountain (shared with the Furbolg, who are welcome in any of the three kingdoms for trade), the rest of Ashenvale (the zone) and fringe settlements into Azshara.

While the three kingdoms would be allies, the Ashenvale forest itself would be a constant political battleground between the three rules, with Malfurion and Illidan, still brothers, both trying to win the affections of High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind, leader of the Darnassian Night Elves, and direct link to Elune both out of love and in hopes of their respective kingdoms being given more boons by Elune.

Tyrande herself would be a competent warrior, scholar and priestess, versed in the arts of Arcane and shunning them in favor of Elune's grace. Harsh, somewhat merciless to her enemies, hot-headed, quick to action, and more than a little bit of a tease towards both brothers (who she DOES care for), she uses their affection to strengthen the ties between the three nations for the betterment of all three.

In times of great need, when battle need be fought abroad, the three kingdoms join their armies, and the next in line for High Priestess after Tyrande Whisperwind, High General Shandris Feathermoon,would be placed at the helm of the combined armies, to direct and execute any threats that seek to harm the Kaldorei nations.
If they could drop everything moon-related from Night Elves that'd be a start. I feel the early concepts, which are more akin to "enlightened Trolls", would be much less mocked by the general playerbase:
Some might hate me for this but...

The Forsaken-

Yes, I'm going to talk about them and what I would have liked had I done them myself. I think the Forsaken should have been the "Munsters" type of race. The race that also houses most of the traditional classic horror monsters (sans the Worgen, probably). Witches, ghosts, vampires, zombies, and Frankenstein abominations. I think that would have been a neat hook for them instead of what they've been given at this recent moment. I would have probably revised them as much less cruel and malicious, possibly even helpful to certain types of the living. Walking into the domain of the Forsaken should be like stepping into Halloween Town and seeing all of these morbid, wicked creatures that get off on a good scare... but aren't wholesomely evil underneath. Some of their original themes from vanilla WoW would kinda stay in tact, along with the dark magic. I'd probably do away with plague just because even I feel it kinda gives too many World War vibes and I don't think that's something Warcraft really needs in its setting.

And likely instead of Sylvanas as their leader... I just would have loved a guy that could take his head off and cite Shakespearean quotation. (Or I guess Sylvanas could do that, who knows?)
The Tauren would worship the Sun God, An'she, and hold some bitterment towards Elune. They would be heavy shamans (in this version Shamans don't need premission to use their powers), who build their villages in the sides of Cliffs, mastering the Elevator mechanics, to avoid the Centaurs. Living on the Cliffs, they have discovered Gun Powder and became the first Kalimdorian race to create guns.

The Tauren fight Centaurs and Quilboars over water, hunt and land, holding a deep hatred for the centaurs, although they remain passive-agressive towards the quilboars, only attacking if they come to them. Centaurs are kill on sight.

They use Kodos for long travels, such as trade between tribes, and the Bloodhooves are the largest tribe of them all, living on the boarder between the Barrens and Mulgore. Males are typically warriors, hunters and shamans, while females are typically priests or tend to the homes while the males are out on hunt. Tauren live close to animals, and every tauren child is given a animal companion, not only to teach them compassion their Sun God demands, but also to teach youngbloods death when their friend dies. Taurens raise and train Wyverns as their arieal mounts.

Priests draw power from An'she, who's power is firey and provides heat in the freezing nights in the Barrens. Priests can also heal, and with shamans, heal their wounded. The Priests are also charged with burning the dead with their Sun-blessed power. Shamans draw their power from the earth, fire, wind and water, and are vital to the surivial of the tauren. They find safer routes with their earth-connection. They find water deep in the ground.

Tauren do not like the Kaldorei, since they claimed all of the forests, and refused the tauren refuge in their lands. Many tauren hate the elves for this, and have no trouble fighting them should the need arise.

Ages past, the tauren were once united, in the Dominion, however when the Demons invaded, it shattered not only the tauren Confederation, but the Troll Empires, only the Elven Kingdoms survived, and only barely. Alfura Bloodhoof, the last tauren Emperor, led the majority of their people in Mulgore, and they named themselves the Bloodhoof Tauren. When the centaurs came, they were driven out, and forced to live in cliffs.

The tauren long to return to Mulgore, to the Bluffs of their homeland. Thrall and the Orcs, once arriving on Kalimdor, gave them that chance. Together, Cairne Bloodhoof and Thrall took Mulgore from the centaur, driving them to the brink, and the bluffs were reclaimed for the tauren. The Bloodhooves had reclaimed their ancestral land, and finally built their cities in the bluffs for the sake of home, and not for the sake of survival.

High Chieftain Cairne has began uniting the tauren tribes, although the Grimtotem believe they should lead a new Dominion, leading Magatha and Cairne to become at odds with each other.
I would reboot the Forsaken and shift their theme away from "Scourge 2.0". Actually have the attitudes of individual Forsaken run a wide spectrum, instead of effectively evil by default, beyond a few exceptions that prove the rule. While a majority would be content to remain undead, they would not be as monolithic as they are now, so there would be a reasonably sized faction that's looking for a cure.

I would even keep a lot of things that other players like about the Forsaken, like the militant culture and being generally more willing to do unpleasant things to accomplish their goals. But I'd try to make the society more open to dissension to promote the theme of free will and self-determination being considered the highest virtues among the Forsaken. Instead of an autocratic regime, their government would be closer to a republic or a constitutional monarchy. Sylvanas would remain the faction leader, but more as a president or a prime minister than a dictator.

Make it so the shadiest stuff (cough cough the blight cough) is obviously unsanctioned, so Putress's betrayal at the Wrath Gate actually seems like he's betraying the Forsaken and not just jumping the gun.
The gnomes are not fun loving lil inventors anymore. They're cold, calculating, and willing to do whatever it takes to win. They storm back into Gnomeregan and defeat the troggs with ease utilizing their advanced weapons capabilities.

At Gnomeregan they set up Azeroth's first manufacturing plant, creating hundreds of weapons, armor, and tools everyday. they also start creating tanks in mass and making more planes and helicopters.

The gnomes aren't just limited to tech in this world either. They use mini-chainsaws in combat with fairly deadly efficiency. Mob tactics are also worth using when gnomes are fighting in small groups.

The High Tinker is now designing greater and more powerful weapons. They begin to use the same plague that they used on Gnomeregan on their enemies and begin an arms race with the Forsaken to create the deadliest plague with the least fatalities on their own side.

Oh, and the Gnomes start dropping bombs.

Adeptus Gnomecanichus?
HUMANS: I agree with Turagent. Humans should act more like humans. They should be less virtuous and careful, I'd like to see a little more racism towards other races (particularly Orcs, Draenei, Elves, etc.). They should exhibit every vice and every virtue. As they are not a race caricatured to only one vice (like the avarice of Goblins), they should embody all vices (and virtues, mind). Humans should be more zealous of faith, similar to the Scarlet Crusade but not to that extreme. And as Arieus stated, I would also see a greater rift between the rich in the poor in human society. That is pretty much how our societies are structured, anyway.

DRAENEI: Please, please, make this race less wimp-like. Prophet Velen has lived for millennia yet he exhibits scarce wisdom. He is supposed to read into the future? He doesn't show it. During the meeting scene between the racial leaders of the Alliance pre-Cataclysm, Velen's advice was, "I've seen this kind of sh*t before, LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!!!". That sounds pathetic. Draenei ought to be bolder, as they have fought and overcome many, many challenges in their history, from the Burning Legion to their genocide at the hands of the demonized Orcs to Kael'Thas's minions and beyond. They should become more independent of the Naaru, and learn to organize and protect themselves.

That's all I have for now. The period's almost over. Ciao folks.

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