Is there anything you regret in wow?

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I keep coming back expecting something different; like pvp being fixed or even pvp.
Was I wrong to spend 2k on a Crawfish?
Probably my first regret was googling wow information. I was completely immersed in the game the first 3 months. Sure my progress was slow but the world felt huge, awesome, and very dangerous.

Then one day I got stuck on a quest I wanted to finish and so I googled some stuff. Found all the fansites, addons, etc. and the game was never quite the same again =(
I regret not taking the game more seriously earlier. Don't get me wrong, I had a ton of fun leveling up (one of the more enjoyable aspects of the game for me) but having started playing right before BC came out and just getting into Kara by the time Wrath came out, now I look back and wish I had done it all faster so that I could enjoy BC raiding properly when I actually had time on my hands to raid more than casually.
I could go on for hours in this thread.
But how about I just say I wished I wasn't trying to run a guild at 30 on my first alt.
I regret creating characters on other accounts and letting this account go for so long. By the time I came back to THIS account to start leveling THIS character again...I'd missed out on a lot of things with this character.
Not buying it sooner.
In my first guild, I was fiecely loyal to the Guild Mistress who invited me to join. I served the guild well and defender her countless times as others accused her of being a bad guild leader. Even though she would promote the male members over me, I remained loyal. On two occassions she left the guild in anger and made me the Guild Leader. Both times I gave the guild back to her when she had cooled down.

In the end she kicked me from the guild in a moment of anger and I was devastated.

Since then she has come back and apologized. She needs to recognized for that. However, I regret being so loyal to someone who clearly was not ever loyal to me.

It was a mistake, and I still regret it. Since so many people told me I was being a fool, and I ignored them, it is my own fault.
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I am curious, is there anything in this game you've experienced, that you would like to take back? I don't know why I'm mind is bit muddled right now. My regret I guess, is my impatience over mage portals. It's not an issue now, but thinking about it, if I could take it back, I probably would.

Disposing of my full tier 1, 2, and 3 sets to make bank space. That was years before Transmogrification was a glimmer in Ghostcrawler's eye though.

getting rid of my Crimson robes from the warlock quest, the orb of the inferno, and my dark wizards hat from the quest to kill the stormwind lord.

Orcs... they arn't even propper orc's with a healthy learning of Mork and Gork!
My regrets are mostly for those things I had no control over, which includes not taking up writing again sooner. Events unfold as they will, in their own time. Perhaps I only regret the pain I caused myself and those around me while straining against barriers that were there for good reasons discovered too late.

To those no longer in the game, I still miss you but I also know you are happier not being here. Things happen, time moves on. I will too, someday, at my own speed.

Life unfolds as it will, in its own time.
the depth of my patience and emotions is not tied whatsoever to pixelated virtual worlds

this thread is the funnies
Yes it is. You are not fooling anyone.
I regret deleting my very first character - yes, a NE Hunter.

Never played an MMO and didn't know about different servers. When I realized my friend and I had to be on the same server to play together, I started another NE Hunter on their server and deleted the one I had leveled up to 25.

Didn't have a clue that I could have 2 characters on different servers at the same time.

I'd give anything to get that first character back. RIP my little NE Hunter :D
Going ret at the end of s1 when I was 2000 as holy, and then playing s2, s3 and s4 as ret and barely breaking 1800.

Should have just went with the op spec. :p

Also- Missing the launch of wotlk, cata and mop (but I still played all three).
I keep coming back expecting something different; like pvp being fixed or even pvp.
Fixed how? If you think it's broken offer a solution. Plus PvP makes up less then 1% of this game. You want PvP? Go back to the arcade and play street fighter.
I regret not getting to 70 (the BC cap) and dueling my (then) boyfriend (now - ex) before he quit. I would have liked the opportunity to put him in his place.
Not soaking in all of the oldworld questing when I had the chance to. Granted, I got the chance to do a lot of it, but now there's no going back.

I appreciate how streamlined and refined the content is now, but I really do miss something about those disjointed, and sometimes incredibly awkward, questing hubs.

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