Is there anything you regret in wow?

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I regret not getting into real raiding early on. Now it's too late and I'm too afraid to try it out, making it impossible for me to get achievements and mounts that I want.
12/05/2012 12:19 PMPosted by Bronnfire
I regret not getting into real raiding early on. Now it's too late and I'm too afraid to try it out, making it impossible for me to get achievements and mounts that I want.

I was the same way when I started raiding in wrath, I just youtubed the fights and I was fine.
I regret not being a dwarf sooner. I made a human rogue as my first character, played her all the way through vanilla and half of BC..then rolled a NE priest. Wasn't till recently when I rolled a dwarf hunter that I realized how much I love being a dwarf and race changed.
I should have picked the golden serpent egg instead of the azure one.
I had a full set of the armor from the WotLK launch event. While not hard to get, the mail AGI set was gorgeous. I eventually wiped it out for bank space.

How I wish I had it for transmog now.
1. Not getting involved sooner (didn't start until Cata dropped)..

2. Not having more time to play (various reasons; sometimes life just gets in the way).

AGREE COMPLETELY (yes, I started in cata, well, one month before the release), and I would love more time to play (8 or so hours a day isn't enough)
Holy gear on my first toon - a Prot Pally.

I regret when I was a noob to WoW (early Wotlk) I made a Nelf hunter... bought everything called "...Of the Whale" because my friend said stamina was a great thing to have, and of course thought I could be a melee Hunter, somewhat like Drizzt in the realm of Icewind Dale.

In short, if you at one point saw a Nelf hunter running around with a black cat slapping things in deadmines with two swords, I apologize.
Biggest thing I regret in WoW is the loss of world PVP - Area 52, Isle of Quel, and more specifically Blackrock Mountain from Vanilla. BRM was the choke point for numerous instances and raids, had great hiding spots, cool z axis usage, environmental hazards, and was in general some of the most fun pvp I experienced in the game.

It was there I managed to pull of my first 5 v 1's thanks to fear kiting and Mind Controlling people into the lava :P
I regret not trying to get the Corrupted Ashbringer

This, this, and this.
Missing the Hand of A'Dal title. I missed hitting cap and gearing by about two weeks after it was removed.
Becoming an engineer
When I faction changed and server changed this toon. I'm almost positive that this character would be my main today had I not faction changed and server transferred.
Not running Heroic DS back when the Lifebinder's Handmaiden was still 100% drop.

Making it easy to get for the level 85's, and difficult for the level 90's... What the heck, Blizz?
12/05/2012 11:05 AMPosted by Daxxarri
I am curious, is there anything in this game you've experienced, that you would like to take back? I don't know why I'm mind is bit muddled right now. My regret I guess, is my impatience over mage portals. It's not an issue now, but thinking about it, if I could take it back, I probably would.

Disposing of my full tier 1, 2, and 3 sets to make bank space. That was years before Transmogrification was a glimmer in Ghostcrawler's eye though.

Which is sad, because there were plenty of us who asked for Transmog type abilities even way back then.
someone deleted my rhok'delar during account theft and blizzard will not restore it.
I regret deleting my first toon. She was a night elf druid, had the private title, and then when TBC came out I started this toon. Since I had changed factions, I decided to delete my druid since back then you couldn't do faction transfers. When faction transfers came out, I tried to get my old druid back only to find out it had been to long since she had been deleted. :(
I regret being a jerk in a Stormstout Brewery instance I ran not too long ago. I was tired and crabby, and although I'm usually chatty and helpful, for that one dungeon I became the epitome of That Person You Hate To Have In Your Group. I'm ashamed every time I think about it. I wish I could tell those 4 other people that I'm sorry.
I regret not finishing ICC when it was current. I took a break from the game right around the time I downed Blood Queen. Looking back, ICC remains my favorite raid and by the time I came back to the game, it was old content and smashing through it at 85 or 90 just has never felt right so I haven't done that.

I also regret staying in so many bad guilds for as long as I did.
As much as I love being a warlock, there are times when I regret choosing this class. I've grown so attached to Zoreli; all my memories and all my achievements in WoW are tied to this character. But when I first started playing WoW, I didn't really understand the concept of the tanking/healing/DPS trinity, and I sometimes regret that the character I'm attached to isn't capable of stepping into those more crucial raid roles when necessary.

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