Avatar VS Bloodbath

Wouldn't the 20% damage increase be more beneficial than the bleed from BB? It seems like whenever I pop BB the bleed only goes up to about 8k/second, which isn't a lot. Popping Avatar gives a lot of burst, however. Maybe I'm just looking at it wrong, but could someone explain why most people are taking BB nowadays?
Remember bloodbath ticks are based off your yellow damage on a target. In PVP, this is a lot lower than you would think, especially when you are undergeared (as you are.)
3min vs 1min cd

both have their uses
Are you talking about pve or pvp? My bloodbath ticks are almost always in the 30k range. Dragon's roar counts as a special attack so use it with blood bath up for the burst damages.
I can get Bloodbath ticks in the 30k range if I pop CDs in Execute range on a boss, but even with CDs + Dragon's Roar + Csmash rage dump I get like 10k a second if I'm lucky pre-Execute. I imagine it'd be even less in PvP, and you sacrifice a dps CD. I see no point in it.
I would think 3 BBs for every 1 avatar would be better
Don't forget bleeds ignore armor.
Avatar damage doesn't.

The only selling point Avatar has is the root break.
I think BB scales better with gear, cuz I've seen some almost full conquest geared warriors ripping away at people. Until then, it's Avatar or Stormbolt to smoke/harass healers.
BB is better for PvE

Mine get into the 20ks non-execute phase (on my 90).

Remember to pop it with Colossus Smash + Synapse Springs + trinkets.

Pool rage + at least one Raging Blow proc (depending on your crit chance, it may be either impractical to stack two, or you may waste one when CS crits (especially during Recklessness).

CS + HS > RB + HS > 'zerker rage > RB + HS > BT + HS > RB or WS + HS

Then Dragon's Roar AFTER the CS buff is gone (because it ignores armour, and therefore gains no benefit from CS).

Other things to note:

BB works like Ignite.

Hit A hits for 10k, and ticks for 3k over 6 seconds.

Ticks once at 5 seconds for 500 damage. Then you hit again for 10k, which is another 3k. Which means 2.5k + 3k = 5.5k over the next 6 seconds.

And it keeps rolling like that with more abilities, so you don't lose damage unless they clip by occurring at the same time (which is a whole other can of worms).
Bloodbath can drop better dps, however Avatar adds to burst. Burst is nice in PVP, especially in Arena. It depends on what you want to accomplish. In a BG If you blow all baseline CDs with Bladestorm and bloodbath you can cripple and even kill multiple people. In the arena you would likely rather focus on one target and blow them up to give your team an increased chance to win. Fury warriors are growing in utility due to the way the abilities work now. Imagine a geared fury warrior popping all CDs with bloodbath, bladestorm and then spamming WW in the middle of a group on Drek or Agmar. It could result in a wipe and change the game. Me and my cousin tried it with the two of us. We are both nelves and stealthed before they came in on Isle of CQ and I went to the entrance to stun heals and he bladestormed all over the place. We both died but they wiped.
Don't forget bleeds ignore armor.
Avatar damage doesn't.

The only selling point Avatar has is the root break.

And the ability to stack the rest of your cooldowns and do massive dps or 3 shot ppl?
Basically yes, Bloodbath is better for PvE while Avatar is still better for PvP. PvP now is all about burst and the bloodbath ticks that happen over 18 seconds can easily be healed through while Avatar is more in your face damage and harder to heal.

However, Bloodbath is more useful in long fights like in BGs especially if you have the engineering trinket. Puts a lot of pressure and it's an added advantage that it has a slow built in to it.
yea good point Nox, i dont macro my eng trinket too my drag roar and bloodbath...im thinking thats a better idea? i macro it to my battle shout instead. what should i do
Considering the guy has zero raid activity, you can assume he means for PVP.

Resil will still neuter the damage of blood bath, so unless your comp is going to allow you to have high uptime without YOU providing snare breaks, avatar is most likely going to be your best option for PVP.
with the hotfix on pvp trinket BB can benefit everytime it is up , just saying
That baindaid doesn't make bloodbath any more appealing.
Well if you look at it overall bloodbath does more dmg by about 50% or so overall then avatar. It essentially increases dmg done by 30% for 12 seconds. Avatar increases dmg done by 20% for 24 seconds so in 2 minutes, 2 uses of blood bath already does more dmg then Avatar. But avatar is a 3 minute CD so you can get 3 bloodbath's off within the CD of avatar. This meens over 3 minutes bloodbath gives you a total damage increase of 90% for 36 seconds were avatar only gives a total of (20x2)=40% because it lasts 2x as long as bloodbath. So in the big picture, bloodbath in my opinion is better all around for pve and pvp for for the single fact of how much more dmg it gives then avatar. But remember, if you are simply going for more burst then go for avatar.

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