PS Vita? Is worth it?

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So I was skimming through the Gamestop website just now and I saw something that I haven't seen in a few years; something that made me as happy as a clam:

There was a re-make of Persona 4 for the PS Vita. Not to mention I saw that Persona 3 was re-made on the PSP.

Loved these games to pieces on the PS2, which leads me to ask the following:

Is the Vita worth it as a playable system?
Also, is there a way to play the Persona 3 remake on the Vita?
It's worth it if you like the games on it, just like most other consoles.

As for playing regular PSP games on it...the only way that is "officially" possible is to buy the games again on the Playstation Store.

So...if you want to play PSP games, just get a PSP.
I want to buy one but I'm having a hard time justifying the cost. Right now I think a lot of stores have it where the wifi version comes up to $199.99 but I'm going to hold off until it's at least $149.99. If I see a game on sale I want (Uncharted) I'll buy it before I even get the handheld.
I don't mind buying them again off the PS store. Would I be able to access it on the Vita itself?

(Stupid question, I know. ;^; DONT HURT ME!)
Also, I can understand that Mordid.

I was thinking of getting the game itself for now until I save up a bit more. Then again, I did see a refurbished system for about 200. Im gunna keep looking though.
I don't mind buying them again off the PS store. Would I be able to access it on the Vita itself?

(Stupid question, I know. ;^; DONT HURT ME!)

Yes, if you buy them again off of the store, you will be able to access them on the Vita (at least - the ones that are available, not all are).

I just don't see any reason to pay AGAIN for games I already own, when I still have my PSP-3000 and it still works fine.
I don't have a PSP, actually. My friend let me borrow hers but that's as far as I got, which is why Im considering on getting myself said Vita.
i love mine, have it loaded with digital psp / ps1 games. Got gravity rush and persona comin. Sony really made me /boggle with a lot of their choices though.

extreme memory card price / tiny storage, no way to transfer UMDs -> digital (i understand it'd probably mean open season for piracy, but let's be honest... the PSP basically was open season anyway) the original price point, no games getting pushed out (launch library is more or less the same as at launch, with the exception of GR and P4).

Also hopefully they'll update the firmware to make it easier to manipulate the homescreen. There are a bunch of useless buttons there that i want gone but won't go, also tryin to move all my games up 1 screen is annoying heh.

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