Windwalker 3s comps: let's analyze!

This is what I'm thinking, you need deadly reach in competitive 3s, leg sweep, while good, doesn't really fit well in arenas. We already use FoF, and it drs too much, and more importantly you need a ranged cc. With that in mind my ideas are, with healers from best to worst for the comp:

1. Ww / feral / hpally or disc or rshammy 3 to 6 different ccs, good pressure from the combined feral and monk damage, complimenting each other. The good thing is the good cd synergy of the ccs, a cyclone followed by a paralyze and repentance about every 30 sec with

2. Ww / ret / rdruid or disc or rshammy 3-5 different ccs. Good support from the ret with roots and off heals. Good burst from ret and some ranged damage from the ret and insta ccs.

3. Ww / spriest / rdruid hpally or rshammy 3-5 ccs, good pressure from spriest, good ccs with fears, and some help with survivability with the spriest, the spriest would need to good for it to work,

4. Ww / lock / rdruid hpally rsham - 3-6 ccs, with insta fears followed by insta paralyze followed by another cc can be deady. I think affliction might be a good spec for it to put pressure with monk and only need a smaller burst to land a kill. I thin rdruid would be best because Druid gets portal so all 3 classes get a portal and can have some solid team mobility.

5. Ww / Mage / rdruid - although the poly and paralyze dr, mages are just OP at the moment and the monk can focus on locking down the non kill target.

6. Ww / hunter / rdruid hpally disc - I think this will be a good comp because of how hunters kill mages and mages are so prevalent at the moment, you can have a good cc chain as well, although it will have to come from the hunter and healer since paralyze drs with traps, but it's tr same with the Mage, the monk can lock down the other dps. Trap >silence shot > cyclone > bash > paralyze can still land a kill. You can add a pet cc if needed.

So let me know what you guys think. These aren't set in stone, not claiming they're the best, but they are what I think comps that have potential. Give me your thoughts an ill edit/update!
I am digging the WW/Feral/Hpally comp. It sounds good.

Don't ask me how, but I've been doing good with ww/warrior/resto druid.
WW/Warrior/Rshaman seems to be the best comp IMO.
I try to stay away from shaman, warriors and rogues.
Hex drs with paralyze, poly, trap, repentance, warrior drs with our root and stuns and doesn't bring anything additional to monks, they're too similar.

Not saying it can't work, I don't see the synergy tbh.
It's not about the DR's. It's about the ability to Frost Shock root and help offensively, while the warrior can peel effectively for both.

A warriors ability to tank well and peel well make them a bad target for most comps.

Synergy is there, it's just not your usual ranged cc.
FMP, (monk) Spriest rdruid monk, are without a doubt the best 2 monk comps, sadly some of that's really hard to fight other comps.
Spriest/warrior vs. monk feral, just means full fears.
While spriest monk, may have a lack of random rng damage to be able to beat something like a kfc despite their absurd cc chains.
FMP, Spriest/rdruid or shaman/monk, lock/monk/druid-shaman are the best ones I can think of right now. Unfortunately I haven't played any of them yet. Prolly due to the fact you can sub a warrior into any of those comps and do 200 rating better. It's just really really hard to find good teams as a monk anyway. Do want to try these though.

Spriest/monk/pally gets crushed into the dirt by wizards, but will do well against cleaves. They have enough cc to go around where eventually the pally WILL die in a deep freeze and no one will be able to save him, though you can certainly last a long time. Played it to 2150. KFC (even when hunters were still broken) really seemed to be one of our easier matchups, despite what reqy said unless he typo'd. MD's on traps are extremely useful against that comp, and sprinting the priest so he can fear the pally reliably on DR is also extremely useful.

Currently playing mage/monk/rdruid. Works fine, has trouble against wizards but our mage is playing fire for fun most of the time. Our druid occasionally dies to random cd popping. Rarely do any of us get trained down. Biggest problem is that monks dr everything mages do (roots, sheeps/rings, stuns, and silences) but the concept is solid. Basically the mage is just good enough at zerging damage that you just have to peel the other targets and just hit the thing he's on twice for a kill...maybe do half dr stuns and silences just to help. Currently 2150.

Off-topic...Maybe these teammates won't rage at each other before I can get t2. They certainly seem to like to play a lot more so fingers crossed I have t2 tomorrow. Then things get interesting.
I played with a mage, i just think they DR way too can work but, i think consistently and controled you need a class that doesnt DR with everything you do.

Namely, feral,ret,spriest,lock
Not sure why you're all not considering:


I'm rolling Enhance/Me/Hpally. It's working very well so far, the only problem and i mean ONLY problem we run into is KFC. They train the shaman all day long, the matches come close but they end up winning sometimes. I thought about going us 2 with a resto druid gaining Sunbeam from symbiosis, but we lose BOP (which the shaman needs dearly) so I just went with the pally.
Because there's not enough CCs with enhancement.

And not enough peels.

Its basically a trainfest with enh, i tried it.

BM doesnt work that well either because we DR with their trap and silence shot and pet stun.
Hex-->HoJ-->Para is fine CC on a healer.

Not enough peels? Quite a lot of roots and endless snares. Plus Tiger's Lust and Windwalk Totem will keep your partner mobile while you kick in the hard peels. Healing Tide Totem + Zen Meditation is also a great redirect save for your partner(s). I see complete synergy. Innate even.
I personally tried Ret/Monk/RDruid and we couldn't get past ~1800.

We did good against melee cleaves and KFC, but at the time we hardly got those. It was constant Mage + Demo Lock // Mage + SPriest. We didn't stand a chance.

After I looked for another team I played with a Demo Lock + RSham @2.1k MMR, but the team got disband after only playing like ~15 games. No idea why, just logged in and it was gone.
Still casually gearing for 3's.

2s is a absolute nightmare as a monk.
I run WW/Warrior/Rdruid. granted we aren't close to the top but we have a 70% win percentage.

The cc capability is great if communication is on point. Yea Stuns/roots can be on DR but our warrior normally uses his charges to set up his fear after my 8s paralysis.

So far I am having someone said 2s sucks for Monks especially vs stealth's brutal.
Honestly, 2's is only a nightmare if you play as double DPS.

WW Monks are better off with a healer for 2's IMO.
Honestly, 2's is only a nightmare if you play as double DPS.

WW Monks are better off with a healer for 2's IMO.

Sadly...that's exactly my comp in 2s Double Deeps

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