[A] 480 holy pally LF new raid team

i have a 480 holy pally on proudmoore, 5/6N , 1/6 N and 0/4 , i feel im being held back by my guilds lack of raid commitment ..so i'm looking for a new raid team with hours more suitable for my schedule, or if not i want one that atleast raids more than 2 .5 hours a day ,2 days a week.. im willing to flex my availability as much as possible . id like to raid either anytime from 830pm -4am ST or 6am -1130 am ST mon-fri ..weekends i can raid almost anytime needed message me either here or in game at Kazper if you can accomodate me in someway fitting for myself and the raid team, thank you for your time
Hey Hayt! Dark Endeavor is a 25m (1/6 Heroic MV, 4/6 HoF, and 3/4 ToES) currently in need of a holy paladin tank healer for core. If you are still looking for a late night guild we would love to have you try out. We raid from 9pm - 1am server every tuesday, wedsnesday and thursday. I'll keep an eye out for you in game :)

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