Taxi Landing One Stop Before the Destination

Bug Report
I had this happen several times yesterday. My character would be arriving at the destination and then the login screen would appear. The timer bar would very rapidly run three times and then when the login screen cleared, my character would be at the last FP before the destination. This happened randomly during the day.
In case anyone else has this....

Here's the body of the text from Blue.

I received your ticket about some loading screens as you're passing a couple cities, that I did!

This can happen if you're missing some data about those cities, or the game tries to access some data but finds that it's corrupted.

It'll drop you to a loading screen while it redownloads the critical data necessary, and in the meantime, your character continues along the flightpath as normal.

It should be repairing that data automatically, so there's nothing to worry about there - but if it continues to do so for the same flightpaths over and over, you may want to use the Help -> Repair Tool option in your launcher to make sure everything's good to go.

If you have any questions about this issue, feel free to reply to this ticket. We'll be waiting to hear from you!


Game Master Kieulas
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment
Thanks for posting this Huhhuhhuh; I was having this problem too but so far this seemed to fix it!

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