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just wondering what is the best raid glyphs to use, i been using bull charge to get the extra rage from charge but sacrificed my raging blow glyph for it... also i been incorporating with my csmash combos even on single target the heroic leap..but sacrificed my reck glyph for it... and of course the one we all should use is unending rage, so what do u guys use and why? is there any specific fights in MV and HoF that require changing with big results? how bout what raid bosses is avatar better that BB ??
i change glyphs for most every fight...
12/06/2012 10:28 PMPosted by Smãllpãckage
i change glyphs for most every fight...
hey small real quick just want to get some preferences here.. what bosses in MV and HOF do u recommentd avatar over BB..and.. what specifically do u recommend the recklessness glyph over bull charge or any combo? I know that raging blow glyph would only be usefull when theres cleave and ww involved like 1st boss in MV . But really get confused over the reck glyph and the extra 6 seconds vs 30 crit.. Im not sure when thats an advantage and how to tell
There aren't any fights in MsV that you need to change around glyphs for.

The reck glyph is superior for fury with full raid buffs. It's iffy if there isn't 5% crit in your raid. But being that 5% crit is the MOST accessible buff, the odds of you not having it are slim.
I change to WW for blade lord, or any fight with heavy adds. Bloodbath for nearly every fight, it syncs up to well with other cds, The only time I ever used avatar was garajal at the start with a bloodlust pull, that was prenerf tho.

Raging blow glyph on fights with adds which is the last half of HoF. Otherwise unending rage and heroic leap here.

Basically any fight with significant adds for a good portion of the fight- pick up WW/bloodbath for massive aoe and dots. Otherwise you should be using bb and dragon's roar for single target.
good stuff. so yeah in our 10 man we get all our raid buffs except when the frost mage dont show which is allot lately and we lose my most important crit buff .. so okay then ill spec that reck glyph and switch between bull and raging blow depending on adds.. i always use my heroic leap glyph, cuz when i cant get a full out 100 rage to max my csmash window i will h leap into the fray at the last second and a half of the window

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