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Hey guys, I'm new to pc building and I'd love to give it a try.

As far as my gaming needs are, I play wow and diablo 3. I don't really see myself getting into any fps gaming anytime soon. Also I'd love to be able to run fraps correctly. As far as wow goes, I don't mind if it doesn't run at 100% ultra, given my budget, but it would be nice :P

My budget is about $500
Plus whatever video card I end up buying.

I do have a 750 watt power supply and a tower.

I'd love to hear your input in some parts that are good values. I expect to be trolled a bit, but I'd also love to hear from all you tech savvy folks.

Thank you in advance.
On the whole, you're unlikely to get trolled here. Just give it some time and us critics will point out any bull!@#$ posts.

With that said, what model/brand is your power supply? It should say on the side in the case. Your power supply may be 750w but if it's a bad brand or built badly it can kill your entire PC when it dies so that's a bad idea. Otherwise with the power supply and case taken out you have a lot more room to work with. As far as WoW and Diablo 3 are concerned you should be able to run them without any issues, assuming your monitor is 1080p.

Do you want a SSD (Solid State Drive?) I'd recommend it. They are significantly pricier than traditional HDDs price-per-gigabyte, but provide nearly instant load times and system boot times.

This is all good information to have; once I get ahold of all the important info, either I or another fine denizen here (AKA Kalganized) can throw together something for you.
Let's see, you'd basically just need a motherboard, a CPU and a storage device? Maybe a DVD drive?

You can figure 220 for the CPU if you want to get an i5-3570K, if you don't want to overclock, that's 185 for a i5-3470. If that's too much, you could go down to an i3, or switch to AMD if you like.

If you do overclock, get a cooler for 30 bucks.

That leaves you what, 250 for storage and Motherboard?

Easily done. You can get a decent Z77 motherboard for around 100 bucks, or if you don't want to overclock, go down to a B75 saving you 20 bucks.

A HDD would be less than 100 dollars, or you could get a SSD as suggested above. That really depends on your preferences.

I don't know about FRAPS performance, but hardware wise, you should be good.

Unless that's a low quality PSU, but that's beyond my knowledge.
Oh I misread. The budget doesn't include the video card.

Honestly for what you seem to want to do with it you do NOT need a higher-priced Intel processor. I think you'd be just fine with one of the higher-end AMD processors in the $140 range, like the FX-6300. An i3 would be okay too but Intel motherboards tend to cost more and you'll likely not have much upgrade room as Intel likes to swap CPU sockets a lot.
I have a corsair 80+ bronze certified PSU, I read somewhere that it was good to have 80+. Not sure if I was mislead or not.


I'm sorry to sound like a noob, but can someone explain how overclocking works?

I'm a marine biology major, so as you can till this is far to unnatural for me :P

Also as far as SSD goes, I can probably make the jump to upgrade, I see it as a better future investment even if I have to raise my budget a bit.
That's a fine PSU. Better than any I would get.

Overclocking works in a variety of different ways, from adjusting the clock-speed and voltage, using some complicated technology and throwing on some specialty cooling devices to deal with the heat to...just hitting the appropriate buttons in your motherboard software.

In your case, I'd lean towards the latter.

Your basic choice right now is to decide whether you want to go Intel (premium, but delivers for the price) or AMD (budget, offers some performance in the right circumstances, but not so much in games).
I'm leaning more towards AMD. I failed to mention I want to do a little bit of music production. (just me and my keyboads.) So I think they perform better when on a budget.

I was looking at the AMD FX-8350 but then again idk anything about how to know a cpu is good or not. If I comepare it to intels I think it's a better bang for your buck.
It can be somewhat difficult, and depends a lot on your specific tasks and needs.

For example, the FX-8350 has eight cores, and when all of them are running, that's great, because the i5-3570K doesn't have that many, and even though it performs better per core, more is still better.

Oh wait, programs like WOW don't utilize all of those cores. So maybe the fewer cores of the i5 are doing better.

Then there's questions like clockspeed, and TDP, and whatnot.

But it's not like you're in need of uber-precision decision making, either is fine, make what decision you want.
There's some truth to what you're saying Lyrenna but regardless of the 8-core setup, 2 of the cores on the 8350 will still max WoW and D3. The 3570k will certainly perform far better in everything except extremely heavily threaded applications, but I don't think he needs all that performance.
Yeah, absolutely I should have gotten into how WOW can easily be maxed out by both, but I didn't think to even point that out.

To be honest, when it comes to WOW they're both overkill, and a drop down to the lower-price ranges would certainly be feasible as they would also be overkill. I did mention that earlier, though I didn't go into details.

Then again, given his budget, and his pre-existing components, I don't know that the cost-savings is what he wants.

Of course, there is the FRAPS issue, but I can't say I have much experience with it.
Thanks for all the help guys!

I think I have a good solid build going.

Is there anything special i Should know about motherboards?
Lots. What features they support, like OCing, SSD-Cache, or other things, how they take in power, how many headers they have for USB/SATA/etc.

CrossFireX/SLI may matter as well.
I'll read up on all that stuff.

Is there any motherboard you guys would recommend as a mid road best? Maybe even higher end?

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