Rate the Warrior Name above you!

Didn't feel like necroing the last thread from a few months ago....So here's a fresh one!

Rate on a scale of 1-10.
I'll give it a 5.
I give it a 1 because I don't want what's in an uncle's pockets. Especially if it's purple.

Doesn't roll very well.

Not feelin' it.
aint bad, 7
Ugh, 2. Nobody likes a narc, man.
7 your name is a surname.

How many people are going to admit they got spanked by Theodorr? haha :)
Not bad. 7.
Interesting. 7.
12/06/2012 02:01 PMPosted by Axehand
Ugh, 2. Nobody likes a narc, man.

I work with drugs, my professor of pharmacology called Narcan (drug for !@#$%^ overdose) Narcaine and I liked the sound of it lol. BTW, fail to Brula for reposting! 0/10

Ok, now next person 0/10 me so we can move along haha

Seriously bleeped out the drug... the drug that starts with an h and ends with oin lol
Different, I give it a 7.5
what's wrong with reposting? not as if the same person is going to rate you again.

i'd give Grimekill a 8, cool name, definitely goes with Undead race
Crease, interesting but makes me feel like you need to "flatten out" haha

I give it a solid 7
I'll give it a 8 for cleverness. It got a giggle out of me.
Commies don't get ratings.
12/06/2012 08:01 PMPosted by Gorchuk
Commies don't get ratings.

I'll rate you :P I give you a 7

Good name but I thought worgen were British :P

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