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I'm going to go out and just ask, I know some of you may disagree or whatever and some of you may agree. I've been playing WoW since 2007. I love the game, I love the lore, and I was an original Warcraft player. What I'm asking is, please make reputations account-wide. I enjoy playing multiple toons, I always have. And it's just too much to have to grind rep again on another one, even if you do get a "bonus" after revered. Some of us 'oldschool' players are older now, more responsibilities but that doesn't mean we don't still love to escape from reality to Azeroth. It's just a suggestion, or a plea, whichever you want to call it.
Would be nice.
Until MoP hit I would've disagreed because I kinda enjoyed the grinds, maybe I'm just weird. But now with so much content, it takes too long with only one toon. I hardly have time to even touch my alts. I have 3 90's as of now but as soon as they hit 90, that was it. Can't even bring myself to grind anything cause of everything I've already done on my main.
Better idea - your rep standing with factions give multipliers to other characters you control.

Friendly - 2x, Honored 4x, Revered 8x, Exalted 12x

This applies on a per faction basis - Revered with Undercity would not grant multiplier to Thunder Bluff for other characters, etc.

So you don't remove the mechanic - you just streamline it like with heirloom or VP multipliers.
I hope Blizzard does make reputation account wide.

Not all of us have the time to grind rep on one character, much less with alts. Make rep accountwide!
I know the reps are optional but I love my little farm! Haha.
Is there any possible way for the devs to see this?
Why do all your alts need faction gear again?

You can get into LFR just by doing heroics...
The rep thing wouldn't have really mattered before MoP. Previously we only had to grind the factions if we actually wanted something to max out our character or get that nifty trinket/ring we really REALLY needed. Now though? I can't even spend my valor points without grinding rep. I looked up how to grind rep with shadow-pan, apparently you can't even grind rep with them till you finished a previous rep grind. No thanks.

It's the biggest disappointment of this expansion next to the monk class.
I don't agree. I feel the new feature they just added sufficiently suffices for reputation for alts.

I don't like it because if somebody has 10 characters, they can do dailies/raids/dungeons/etc on each of these characters to earn reputation. This would essentially mean that whoever has the most alts gets exalted faster, which isn't fair to people that like playing on a main account.

This situation presents itself to be specifically troublesome when new reputations are released (such as a new rep added with a major patch release) and reward gear. It would seem to be not quite right to allow for somebody to get exalted with a rep within 2~ weeks of the release and get BiS gear.
I disagree as well. I have one 90, three 85s waiting to hit 90 and do the dailies.
Just as we have done in WoW since it went live. Just as people that raid have been telling
everyone else that wanted something from a raid since WoW went live.
If I want the rewards, I will do what I need to do to get them.
i would like this too. going through the quests to get to get to the rep dailies, doing them on multiple personalities, i have only 2 now, one already in Pandaria, this one, and i would like to level one more but doing the daily grind on all of them, you might say it is just a month of all the dailies on each but it would helps to burn us out, especially since by the third one we are mostly leveling through dungeons and pvp.

and then there are those with 5, 8, alts. i cannot imagine the grind they will have to do. i have already burnt out once, and then again.
07' ?

your achievements go back to 08'
07' ?

your achievements go back to 08'

Completely irrelevant considering achievements were first introduced in October 2008 and some of us have been playing before then.
12/05/2012 02:54 AMPosted by Redoran
Completely irrelevant considering achievements were first introduced in October 2008 and some of us have been playing before then.

Very much so indeed.
the thing is we are not asking to skip the dailies completely, those asking for this are willing to do it once, but see the full months dailies grind on all their personalities looming and it is a dark cloud. even the faction multiplier just makes it a little less insane but still just the thought of it without tabards or the solution i suggested which i have provided a link to at the bottom of the post, well with me it makes me feel near burnout to think about doing it even twice more, even once. that may make me a little wimpish but i feel it.
Why do all your alts need faction gear again?

You can get into LFR just by doing heroics...

compare a 476 lfr piece with a 489 rep piece.
So lets say you go in and meet this cool group. you get freindly with them they ask you to do a few things here and there Pick up this.. Find that.. they really like you... Now it gets a little more serious.. Now you start "collecting" for the group.. A few people in the town are behind on their payments and you need to be the muscle... This "group" trust you in this duty. You perform it well. Now lets say you're a "Made man" and you need to do a few "Hits" and take out some rivals that have been causing a stink out by the farm. You're in real deep with this crowd now. Johnny law might be on your trail ehh who knows. Your friends got your back and make sure law man never see's you so you can finish your task.

Now lets say you have this other freind that maybe wants in the action with you. You two hang out in the same que's together, maybe even have similar names. Come from the same hood. You like the guy. can vouch for him.. You introduce him to the head farmer boss man. Now the boss man like's you and is willing to give this new guy a shot. But he's pretty much going to have to prove his ranks the same as you. For all boss man knows this new kid could be a snitch to Johnny Law and the whole orginaztion can come crashing down. So he's got to gather things, Collect a few debts maybe... And then AFTER he's earned his chops like you did does he get the "Hits"

The above is a "Lore" type reason of why the new system works great. You grind out the rep first and your other toons get a speedy pass, but still have to do it.
Not doing rep grinds on alts would be epic. But blizz doesn't listen to it users so this is a helpless endeavor.

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