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Account wide rep would be awesome. Yes please!
The rep thing wouldn't have really mattered before MoP. Previously we only had to grind the factions if we actually wanted something to max out our character or get that nifty trinket/ring we really REALLY needed. Now though? I can't even spend my valor points without grinding rep. I looked up how to grind rep with shadow-pan, apparently you can't even grind rep with them till you finished a previous rep grind. No thanks.

It's the biggest disappointment of this expansion next to the monk class.

Not mattered before MoP. It would have been so nice to have in Cata. Only 1 month of Wildhammer dailies instead of 3, same quests over and over again. no change. I was so stressed out and frustrated concerning heroics that I would really have appreciated this. But the dailies are fun, interchangeble and I don't have to do the same every day. Would it be nice to be already honored with GL on my tailor, sure. But with the commendation she only need 2-3 days to get the patterns anyways. Not to bad.
I like the slow rep grind, the thousands of dailies to do... I wouldn't mind it if it wasn't necessary. Why they made it necessary and made it so much harder to grind rep (quests give low returns, can't grind from heroics.) I don't understand. It's like artificially trying to inflate play time, but there's only so much one can take.

But there you go hardcore players, you asked blizz to bring back the grind and "stop catering to casuals" and you shot us all in the foot. Congrats.
No. I play separate characters. I don't want one character with a few different faces. Things are bad enough already with account-wide achievements and mounts.

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