Where did my character go? Multi-Mac use?

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I just installed the free starter version of Mists of Pandaria on my iMac and just got to level 5, I installed the free starter copy on my MacBook Pro and after signing in, it's telling me to create a new character. Where did my old character go? I'm not at my iMac right now so I can't check to see if it got deleted but I thought I could play this on more then one computer as long as the other computer isn't signed in at the same time.

Am I doing something wrong? Is something needed to be set up first? Does this only work on the full paid version? I don't know why it's not letting me select my character on my MacBook Pro.
You're certain you're signed into the same account?
Yes, I only have one account, I just restarted the laptop and signed in again just to make sure nothing went wrong and it still comes up in the create new character section rather then allowing me to select a previous character, when I go back there are no characters to select from. I was playing this game not even 12 hours ago on the iMac and I just finished installing it on my MacBook Pro but it's not working.
Are you also selecting the same realm as you were on before? If you click on the realm button, you can sort by the number of characters you have on a given server.

I also just looked over some of the other threads in the forum, and it sounds like some servers went down temporarily(?). You may wish to try again a little later, or try another class for now, if your character was on one of the affected servers. Sorry. :(
That's what it was, I was in the wrong realm, once I changed it my character appeared as normal.

Thanks :D

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