Blood Boil vs Heart Strike

Death Knight
I'm noticing BB hits a lot harder than my Heart Strike, more than double on non crits without any diseases up, even more with diseases. My question is does HS pull forward and become more damaging than BB in non aoe situations or will BB just be in my rotation as far as Blood Runes go?
Long story short, 3 targets or less, HS. 4 or more, BB. Changes with vengeance values, but thats the general rule.
Are you above level 85? BB hits like a truck strapped to a freight train at lower levels.
What level is your dk? Due to scaling of weapons at lower levels, pure ap scaling abilities hit much harder due to how its calculated.

at 58, the base damage of bloodboil is 1000+ before attack power additions or diseases.
at 58, the heirloom 2h axe has a damage range of 218-328 (would need about 400% weapon damage strike before disease bonuses)

Around wrath to cata content weapon damage explodes and makes weapon scaling skills much better.

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