(H)Recruiting: Weekend Sat/Sun 8pm-11 4/6 MSV

<Oblivious> Horde 10m US-Arthas PvP
Mists of Pandaria: 4/6N Mogu'Shan Vaults, 0/6 Heart of Fear
Cataclysm: 6/8 HM DS
WoTLK: ICC Full Clear HM ( except LK )
Saturday + Sunday 8 PM - 11 PM EST

What we are looking for:

- First and fore most is we need committed players who take attendance seriously. It helps if you know how to research your class to ensure optimal raid performance. We do not require much experience or time from you, but we need to make up for that with solid attendance and fast learning. Most of us are in our late 20's so it is a fairly laid back mature atmosphere

We are looking for the following classes: Pretty much everything expect resto druid, holy priest, and warlock.

- Any tanks
- Non-Druid/Priest healers
- DPS Shamans
- DPS Druids
- Hunters
- Deathknights
- Mages
- Retribution Paladins
- Rogues
- Windwalker Monks
- Shadow Priests
- Any exceptional DPS


Who we are:

<Oblivious> has been around on Arthas Horde since Dec 2009 and is still operated under the same leadership. We were a top 20 raiding guild on our server in Cataclysm.

At the end Cata, our guild "semi-retired" from raiding as many of our core raiders had RL obligations to meet. So most of our core members either quit playing, or simply moved on. At the start of MoP a few of us returned from our absence and reformed the guild's core raid to 10m raid once more and went on to clear 4/6 MSV in the 2nd week it was open without a full roster. Currently we are working to firm up the core spots in our groups so we can get Elegon down and catch up to the pack of other raiding guilds who mostly are further now.


What we offer:

We are currently 4/6 in MSV while continuing our early trialing process to find the best players available to us. We expect to transition ourselves into heroic content once our core group is full. We tirelessly search for all best available options for us that help us raid. Because of some outstanding efforts by the majority of our guildies, we provide flasks feasts and repairs to all of our raiders.


What we offer outside of raiding:

- An active guild atmosphere. We are currently averaging +20 players at peak times.
- Rated Battlegrounds. Coming Soon!
- Old content. Getting a blast from the past can be fun, especially for transmog farming. Several guildies also do it for achievement nerd points as well.
- Level up alts together

Questions? Comments? Want to chat?
WoW E-Mail: beeder33@hotmail.com

Drop a line at our website too, in case you missed it at the top: http://obliviousguild.enjin.com/
We hope to hear from you soon!

Guild Master
Bump because I'm jealous you don't need a resto druid :(

GL on raiding Oblivious!!!
For you Supapuff I would switch specs. Let's chat some time!

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