Everyone is level 90....

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I started playing 3 months before Cata hit, and this is my highest level character. I finally got him to 85 just before MoP

I play when I can.
I just got to 90 on my main like yesterday lol, I was too busy enjoying the scenery and getting steeped in the lore.
The game isn't going anywhere....

Normally I wouldn't disagree with you, Neth, but I have to point out something that might cause people to think otherwise.

Even before 5.1 dropped, we had someone high up in Blizzard talking about the next expansion after Mists of Pandaria. That's not a comment that makes people focus on the here and now. That's the kind of comment that, when combined with the status of the person who said it, can make people think about what they don't like in MoP and how things might "change for the better" in the future. It doesn't reinforce the "live for today" attitude, it reinforces the "get ready for tomorrow" attitude.
12/05/2012 07:31 AMPosted by Senpai
I've had it since it came out... I really want that goat mount...I need to get to 90 and grind rep with tillers.

Goat mount is cool. I seem to be the only one that uses it on my realm.
12/05/2012 09:11 AMPosted by Nethaera
Sure, we keep track of how many have reached max and when. It's not anything we share publicly though. I've known some that will take a year or more to reach maximum level because they play so minimally. Everyone has their own pace that feels right to them.

You know, I really dont care too much what the actual numbers are, but I'm fairly interested in exactly what sort of stats you guys DO track.
Got 90 on first day, luckily I had enough energy drink to keep me very hyper active.
12/05/2012 07:29 AMPosted by Senpai
Except me. Maybe I'm slacking or maybe I'm tired of the pandaren lands.

My highest is an 89. I toon hop a lot.

(hmm... Lock might be fun...)
For some reason, I am just not feeling this expansion

This is me I have one 90 one 87 two 86 five 85's and a 44

I Don't envision any of those non 90's coming up any time in the near or distant future.
I have several 85s, but this is my only 90. Took me just under a month and I thought I was going slow. I want to eventually get my Rogue, Mage and Paladin to 90. I just hope I can get it done before the next expansion comes out.
12/05/2012 07:29 AMPosted by Senpai
Except me. Maybe I'm slacking or maybe I'm tired of the pandaren lands.

I haven't yet started a toon past 85. I changed servers and need to level a toon to 85 first... And with holiday things taking my time away from the game...
12/05/2012 10:42 AMPosted by Knarg
dont have no real end game is what i feal wish is why they made it so grindish to get 90

An hour or two a day can get you to 90 pretty easily; it's about the same time commitment as BC and Wotlk when they first came out. I actually think it's less time to cap than those expansions, but yes, longer than Cata.

That said, you haven't reached 90 and you're complaining about a lack of endgame you haven't seen or experienced...derp.
12/05/2012 11:05 AMPosted by Knarg
bc 10 leves wotlk 10 levels mop 5 levels so is the same us bc 10 levels and wotlk 10 levels yea budy like i say grin-dish 5 levels of mop is the same or allitle bit more then doing 10 levels of bc and wrath

If that's the case, dinging and seeing you still have 9 levels to go instead of 4 should be more of a deterrent...
12/05/2012 07:29 AMPosted by Senpai
Except me. Maybe I'm slacking or maybe I'm tired of the pandaren lands.

Don't feel TOO bad. As was a practice on the last expansion, once I hit 85 I turned off XP gain and did all the quests in Jade Forest (an 85-86 zone), then turned it back on and lvled up. I repeated this process all the way up to 89, where I cried UNCLE! and just lvled up to 90 while doing quests in Dread Wastes. So you're not alone in this. :]
12/05/2012 07:29 AMPosted by Senpai
Except me. Maybe I'm slacking or maybe I'm tired of the pandaren lands.

Trust me, you're not the only 1 :)

This 1 (I'm writing on, and I also have a horde main - both are which, and have been sitting at level 86 since a week after MoP hit.

As fun as Pandaria is, I apparently enjoy 'older' content (TBC in particular) sooo much more (as solo'ing TBC dungeons are my favorite thing). I'll eventually get to 90 (on all 12 characters I have)... eventually. I do the Stormwind dailies, sometimes the dailies in Dalaran (for some reason, I never do the dailies in Outland though), and I also do the Darkmoon Faire (skill-up) quests every month...........
........sooo, one day.
2 at 90 (DK and Mage (primary gatherer))
1 at 88 (drood)
4 at 85
1 at 65 (this misty monk, contrary to what the avatar says)

In other words, you are not alone. But I asked the same question a few weeks ago figuring I was in the same state you fear.

90 ain't what it (60, 70, 80, 85) used to be. Sure, some things open up but a whole bunch of things will drive you nuts (d-d-d-dailies). Enjoy the ride while you can!
This is my highest level character out of 9 85+ and a bunch of other lower-levels. I didn't buy MoP until a couple of weeks after it released, though.

While I am enjoying most of Mists immensely, I just haven't had the drive to hit max level. Part of that is limited playtime and interest - after studying at school for 8 or 9 hours, I usually only log on for long enough to farm, do my profession cooldowns and relist my auctions.

But there also seems to be lots more for just-below-max-level toons to do in this expansion, much more than any of the previous ones. Pet Battles, looking for Lost and Found items, hunting rares, gathering (before it got nerfed to hell) and tending my farms have managed to take a lot of my time away from questing. And the farm has just encouraged me to bring more alts into Pandaria, and also spend time on them looking for rares and gathering, than I might have usually done this early in an expansion.

I'm still also a bit burned out on the gear and dailies grind. After gearing up 8 80s in Wrath in regular heroics and PVP, I could barely be bothered to do a few of the HoT heroics and LFR a handful of times in Cata on just this toon. Almost a year unsubcribed in Cata hasn't really changed my mind much, and hearing the widespread complaints about dailies doesn't encourage me too much either.

Also, seasonal and temporary events seem to eat up a lot of my time, such as doing the Trick or Treat buckets on two toons and trying to hit the DMF profession dailies across all my alts. Attempting to make the most of limited-time reputation gain buffs has meant that frequently I'm trying to grind out an old rep rather than quest too. And I won't even mention how many complete game sessions I've wasted on just trying to catch one fish for that jerk Nat Pagle!

I could only imagine what level this toon might be if I'd been playing my (currently unsubbed) 2nd account too. I'm going to try and hit 90 before too long, since I intend to RAF myself a new account over the holidays and that'll take even more time away from questing! I can't complain though, I've been enjoying the game like crazy anyway and the only thing I really feel like I'm missing from not being max level is flying. :)

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