Everyone is level 90....

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It sucks when you just focus on leveling in general. Spend time learning the MoP stories / lore. Hunt down loot, and enjoy your time. You will ding eventually.

The quests are very entertaining and have tons of hidden meaning / humor in MoP. Very well done.
oh darn, im 85 because i don't have MoP.
I feel ya.

I leveled my priest to 90, Doing it again is an absolute drag, I love the quest and the story of mop. Its just something Id rather not do again, Ill tough it out though. No alts after this guy :p.
Well I just went shadow so that should help the grind a bit.
12/05/2012 08:50 AMPosted by Nethaera
Not everyone. Some are taking the phrase, "slow down" to heart and focusing on more things than just getting to max level.

Next NPC i'm supposed to heal that tells me that is getting left for dead! I have nearly 20 toons 2 at 90, 2 at 87, 4 at 85, 2 below level 10 and the rest are in outland, or about ready to head there.
I'm 90 on this main, but still have quite a few quests to do. Started with some dailies, but had to take a few days off due to illness. Now I'm sort of reluctant to return. I enjoy them, but I also am starting to feel a bit burned out in a way. So for a while, I'm working on leveling a couple of alts. Doing those very slowly and leveling some professions along with the alts. I'll get back to Ling in time and finish up things. I don't dislike the content, just a bit tired of it.

I am in no hurry. :)
I made it to 88 with this character out of 10 85s. I just can't go anymore, questing blows, there is no alternatives to leveling, and I just don't care for it anymore. I rolled a horde priest and when the fun dies out playing that I will be done to. Blizzard you f-ed up bad, instead of thinking up something new in the game or take it in a new direction you gave me the same old but worse, I want to vomit when I think about leveling a character. I done it from 70-80 from 80-85 and now I just can't do it anymore. Don't you people have someone with a half a brain to think of something other then the same grind and the game is so dummy down, I hope they don't think it can be called refinement.
I am a level 90 but I have yet to do many dailies, sure it will help my progression, but I am enjoying other parts of the game like doing pet battles. Yesterday I stayed up a little later then usually trying to find rare quality pets.
I was under the impression that all pets are stuck at a certain quality. Until I found a rare Stormwind Rat. But I killed it. I only realized until after I gave the killing blow that it was blue :(
I've been enjoying the leveling experience. The quests are fun. I like the stories behind the quests and I even enjoy the dailies.

I don't even attempt to do all the dailies on even a single character. But I enjoy the ones I do. If I get burned out on a particular set of dailies I move to a different area and do those. In between I level another of my toons.

I play pretty casually now. Heck, I haven't even done a dungeon yet and I have a few 90s already. Quite a change from someone who used to be a "serious" raider ;-)

My goal is to have all my characters to 90 and to have completed all the dungeons and raids before the next expansion. I'm not in any hurry, and if I don't get there, well I'll still have had fun trying.
I don't have sources on this but I'm pretty sure less than half of current subscribers have even purchased MOP so most people are not 90.

Took me 7 days /played to get to 90 on this character and I didn't purely grind I did professions, dungeons, farming for gold for mounts, etc. I did burn out at level 85 though and went 2 weeks straight without playing. When I came back I had full rested to get me almost to 88 and after that it was a breeze.
You're not alone, I am also not level 90.

... Then again, I don't have Pandaland yet.
In the interest of doing things before 90, can we open up the tillers to 85+? Or perhaps Loremasters (would need a place to ride to)?
This is my only 90. I have another monk coming up at 87. Just having way too much fun with the monks atm to concentrate on my other toons (85: Druid, Shammy, Priest, Mage, Pally, Hunter) Out of the pack of pre-MoP 85's, the Hunter is the only other one getting any XP atm because she is my JC/Miner. (And i HAD to get her into Pandaland to tame a crane so I could name it Kevin LOL)
You're not alone, I am also not level 90.

... Then again, I don't have Pandaland yet.

Don't have Pandaland and won't buy it until CRZ if fixed/removed.

That feel. I cannot stand CRZ.
It takes about 5hrs per level in pandaria in my experience without rested xp or knowing the content.

Knowing the content and rested xp can bring that down to around to 3hours per level. I'm sure a skilled player who really knows what he's doing and focus can probably pump out levels even faster then that.

Even with no knowledge of the content, with rested xp I just can't see a level taking more then 4hrs of actual effort focused on progression.

So even under the most casual play with rested xp, it should'nt take you more then 5 levels x 4 hours = 20 hours of actual playing to go from 85 to 90.

Pandaria IIRC came out late september, and it is now early december, so you have had at least 70 or so days to level. 20/70 = .28.... so if you've been playing pandaria since launch, you've only had to spend an average of just over 15 minutes per day doing pretty much anything other then sitting and chatting in a major city in order to be 90 by now.

Thats a pretty low commitment required from even the most casual of casual play styles.

Curious--do you guys keep stats on this kind of stuff? I've heard the occasional story of someone taking 4-5 months to hit max level, but I've always wondered how common this approach to the game is.

Sure, we keep track of how many have reached max and when. It's not anything we share publicly though. I've known some that will take a year or more to reach maximum level because they play so minimally. Everyone has their own pace that feels right to them.

are you able to say if people levelling at that pace are returning to the game, after a break in subscription, or perhaps just 1 hour a day, 1 quest a day ect...

thanks am quite interested in the habits, i personally dont think ive had a break in my subscription for more then a week, if that since starting
Ehhh, some people just take longer to lvl. I took a while to lvl my main. Granted, I was 90 within a week of buying MoP... but my guild master and my sister seemed to think that was "forever". lol Every day I'd get on "You 90 yet?" I just go at a slower pace than others. Mostly because the repetition of quests begins to bore me, so I take frequent breaks.

I, also, took a while to get this one to 80. Wanted to be 80 Sunday so my sister and I could lvl her and my sister's DK together (figured that would be a decent DPS team). But I wasn't 80 Sunday, I was 73. And 77 on Monday. Now that I finally am 80, I don't know what to do because I'm still waiting for my sis to get online. So, may take a while to get her to 90, too.

It certainly does seem like everyone else is already 90, though. Especially when you're not 90 and trying to queue for things like dungeons and BGs.
My rise to lvl 90 was the slowest of the last 3.. took about 3 weeks. My problem is with my alts. I really want to get 1 or 2 of them up to 90 but after doing dailies almost none stop I am worn out, tired and just can't face leveling another.

I really wish blizz would give double xp for alts..

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