485 ilvl frost DK LF Home

So I wanting to transfer to Arthas as I have several friends here, only problem is, no guild. I don't know many guilds on this server so I am posting here to see if any decent raiding guilds need my services. For further info Contact me on my real id Thaedros#1296
<Oblivious> Horde 10m US-Arthas PvP
Mists of Pandaria: 4/6N Mogu'Shan Vaults, 0/6 Heart of Fear
Cataclysm: 6/8 HM DS
WoTLK: ICC Full Clear HM ( except LK )
Saturday + Sunday 8 PM - 11 PM EST
Hello threash,
we are <Kinetic> we are curently 2/6HMSV 6/6HOF we will be starting terrace on monday our raid times are mon-thurs 9to1 est. we are seeking competent high parcing dps. if you want to talk more plz contact me rl id Shakarn#1350

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