My raf is not working!

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Im multiboxing raf and both my chars are lvl 71 dk i go to que for random dungeon and i notice is not giving the triple xp bonus even though i was next to him but i que anyways... I ask inside dungeon how much xp were the quest and mobs giving them and it turns out they were getting the same xp as me and i wasnt getting the raf bonus thing that appears in chat anymore........

I dont know whats going on since i still have 2 months left and i can still summon and all.
Are you both still within 4 levels of each other?
yeah both my dk and the dk from my other acc are 71 and we were right next to each other too
And just to be clear, both toons were in the dungeon right? The way it's worded above, it could be one or both of them in there.

Lastly, the mobs that are being killed must not be too low level from you making them trivial. Their level should not be grey.
Did you check the combat log to verify if you're getting the bonus XP, Thrashtar?
yes i was also in nexus with both my chars inside the dungeon right next to each other. and yes roraks but nothing was happening.
How much experience are you getting in the instance? Can you give me the name of a mob, level and how XP you gained?
i was getting 4k per kill and they were lvl 72.
I also need the name of the mob so that I can further look into this for you.
Alliance cleric, ranger, azure magus.
A couple more questions.

How many total people were in your group? And is the amount of XP you were getting verified via the combat log or just the floating text above your character?
It's all good now roraks. Thanks anyways.

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