Bugged Insane in the Membrane?

Bug Report
So I started doing the Insane in the Membrane achievement pre MoP release when their was nothing to do. My problem with it now is the bloodsail and steamwheedle reputation. I raised my bloodsail reputation to honored first and then tanked it to max hated to get my steamwheedle all exalted. After I got it, I didnt get the achievement. Mind you, all of the other reputations neccesary were already exalted. I had put in a ticket about it at the time and spoke with a GM who basically said, "We'll look into it." and I never heard from him again.

So just now I finished going back to farm bloodsail reputation....from max hated to honored. I hit honored, once again, no achievement. Is their something I'm missing or is it just bugged? I can't do these grinds anymore :(
Any response would be greatly appreciated!
I have also had this problem. Started grinding Bloodsail rep in early November and reached honored. Shortly thereafter I started turning in fields of cloth and slaughtering generations of pirates, gaining hated with the Bloodsail and exalted with the goblins. However, I did not finish DMF and Ravenholdt until last week, at which point I did not receive my title. I was also told that a fix is being looked into, but no official word of this has surfaced.

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