new to arena target macro's, questions inside

I was playing some pickup 2's with a druid recently where we were mostly successful except ... toons who can make you un-target them (hunters, priests, druids, mages, night elves, rogues, etc ..) began to cause me problems.

Normally when I jump into a game, I immediately set a focus for the healer or the guy who's hardest to kill, and then pick the other guy as my primary target. For three's I'd just use the /targetlasttarget macro to switch between the two dps, leaving the healer as my focus.

My issue
So let's say that focus target druid does his disappearing act; now I can't re-focus him in order to silence him before he gets off a cyclone. Cyclone is one of those game flipping cc's where, once it's on you, you can pretty much /popcorn as you may know.

[For the record, my fail to silence fast enough cost us the game.]

After encountering this issue enough times in a night, I am now at the mercy of macro's since clicking to refocus isn't fast enough. In fact, I suspect having a macro to refocus an enemy player just to cast your focus macro also isn't fast enough.

As you can see, I'm convinced that I need to L2arenatarget now. Currently I'm under the impression that, unless I want to stick to 2's or stick to 50/50 win burst comps, I'll need to get more physical buttons on my mouse and consolidate/clean-up some of my current pet macro's - currently I have all of my macro slots full just for this one toon.

I'm under this impression because, regarding 3v3, I'll probably be adding at least 33% more stuff to my macro collection. Previously, for me, my 2v2 macro's just have target and focus ... and that works even in 3v3 if I use /targetlasttarget. But now, I'll have to just assign my cc to each arena target (3 of them now) separately.

Now, I have a few questions for the good guys:

Do you have to memorize which class is target1,2,3 and then press your macro's accordingly? It seems pretty counterintuitive to do that as the healer could jump spots from target 1 to target 2 or 3 from match to match. I mean, your finger-memory would have to be pretty pro for that not to be a problem it seems like. Is that really the case?

What's up with the players who don't use arena targets for their cc and only use one set of arena target (target arena 1,2,3) and arena focus (focus arena 1,2,3). Is that more or less effective than the previously described method?

Tell me more about targeting your teammates in 3's. More effective to use a mouseover? Or is it more effective to use macro's to target teammate 1 & 2 like this guy:

Are these types of keybindings really going to make a large enough difference in gameplay to be worth the initial effort of relearning all my buttons? And, how long does it normally take to get used to the proper arena macro setup? Am I over-thinking it? Maybe I should just have arena macro's for silencing shot exclusively?

I use an MX518 mouse and I have 24 keys (3 sets of 8) bound to the buttons on my mouse [screenshots available upon request] so I don't really have any space to put them there. I am running into the same issue with my keyboard too; I really don't have space for more buttons because how shall I reach them all? That said, should I get a mouse with more buttons? I mean, do you guys use mice with a ton of buttons?

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